Friday, November 02, 2007

Balls and song

Hmm, there's a title to conjure with. This morning, I have played golf with Marian for the first time in about six zillion years (I've been away, I've been ill, she's been away, she's been ill, etc etc ...) and we were total rubbish. Understandably. Though the day was lovely and the colours on the trees are surely as near to heaven as we're likely to get this side of the Grim Reaper. Mind you, I was pretty shit-hot with my tee shots, which went straighter and further than they ever go when I play regularly. But the rest of my game was pants. I'm sure the ruddy holes kept moving. Even while I was putting, dammit.

Post-golf, I nipped into Sainsbury's to get lunch and also something for my ankle, which is playing up again today. I am trying bandages, Deep Heat Muscle Rub and prayer. As you do. But in the shop, I found a special ankle and wrist bandage (are they the same shapes??) which is supposed to cure all ills. However, I fear I may not fully understand the instructions, which involve a complex series of cuttings and foldings which is beyond me - so I will have to wait for Lord H to come home so I can do my special eyelash fluttering wimpy wife thing. No, as you're asking, it doesn't really work, no - but Lord H has a noble heart so I hope he'll take pity on me.

Anyway, back at the home front, I have caught up with my downloaded viewing of "Oz and James' Great Wine Adventure", which was even more off-the-wall than usual, with James giving Oz the challenge of finding the right wines to go with a series of classic cars at a show he'd detoured to see. Cue the next tranche of wine labels: a frisky little Riesling, just right with a Morris Minor ... Hell, it could catch on.

For the rest of the day, I have been continuing my edit of Jackie's Tainted Tree. Though, due to post-golf exhaustion, I haven't been going at my usual pace, I fear. Still I'm up to Chapter 13 now, so I'm getting there, Jackie! But I think I might schedule in a quick nap before tonight's outing.

Which will be very exciting, as Lord H and I are off to Woking to see L'elisir d'amore, which is such a fun opera, hell, it's almost a musical - so ideal for Woking really! And it's got good crits and sing-alone tunes, so what more could you want?

Oh, and I must say a belated hello to Kristian, the wild-haired fireman for this month's calendar shot. He's keen on martial arts, travel and wildlife, apparently, and certainly knows what to do with his hose. As it were.

Today's nice things:

1. Golf
2. Editing
3. Opera.

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