Saturday, September 30, 2006

TV catch-up day

Lazy morning - hurrah! And then Lord H & I cleaned the flat in a frenzy of activity. Not like us at all really. The rest of my day has been spent doing a little more to "The Gifting" - I'm really struggling on the scene I'm on at the moment. I'm not quite sure what's going to happen with the snow-ravens, but maybe it'll be a test or series of tests my MC has to jump through. I'll have to see what the fingers end up typing.

I've also managed to catch up on most of the TV I've recorded over the week: Jane Eyre was good, very atmospheric; the second part of Stephen Fry's bipolar disorder programme was very good too - moving and thought-provoking. Good for him. And the York Minster people appear to have invited a gay trainee priest over for 6 weeks and then abandoned the poor bugger (sorry). Honestly, it's the height of rudeness - my heart went out to him. Still, from my experience of cathedrals, they're not the most welcoming of places. If he'd come to Hascombe, we would at least have met him at the station and given him a friendly face to stay with!!

And there've been lots of interesting discussions on the Writewords ( site. We've just formed a Teachers' Group - so I've joined hoping to get ideas and help for my UniSWriters' gang. I'm sure we can all help and inspire each other along the way - at least, that's the hope.

Anne Brooke

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