Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Counselling session

A busy, and sometimes frantic, day - full of sound and fury. I have an urgent new leaflet crisis, which is supposed to be resolved by next Friday (ha!), but I doubt it will be. Still, at least it gave me a focus to the day, which was a pleasant change. Nothing like a good crisis, eh ...

And I had my first counselling session for 3 weeks with Zoe. Goodness, how I've missed being able to talk things through. I feel as if August has been a complete blank, and I've found it hard to feel anything at all, even when supposedly nice things were happening. Almost as if there's an enormous blockage between where I am and where the feeling is. It was good to hack my way through it all - or at least some of it - and whilst I was rather upset at the end of my hour, hell at least it was a bloody feeling, so I'm not complaining. At some stage, I need to be able to find a space in life where I can express this sort of thing outside the actual counselling sessions, and I'm not used to doing that - or admitting I might even need to do that - so I suspect it's going to be a long, hard process. Ho hum, but I should be used to those by now.

At home, Lord H and I watched a video of "Midsomer Murders", which was great, and provided much-needed slob-out time. I also managed to have a good chat with him, which made us both feel better, I think. Lord H also thought having a holiday in August was entirely strange - as if it wasn't happening at all - so it feels good not to be alone in that opinion.

Have just finished reading Sue Miller's "While I was Gone." Slow, but somehow electrically gripping. An in-depth portrait of a marriage in crisis. And she writes like a dream. I shall work my way through her backlist as soon as I can and wait in anticipation for the next offering.

Today's three nice things:

1. Counselling
2. Midsomer Murders
3. Chatting with Lord H.

Anne Brooke

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