Friday, September 22, 2006

The Gifting continues ....

... but slowly. Still, managed a thousand words today, so am now up to 62,000. Over halfway through then. I think. Phew. It's an interesting journey - scenes are buzzing round my head, but at the moment I can't write them till I actually get to them in the text, as lots of other strange things are happening on the way. Such is the writing process, I suppose!

Last night's theatre - a Shared Experience version of "Orestes" - was superb. Gripping, dark, sexy and politically relevant. Honestly, SE can do no wrong. If they ever bring a production to your part of the country, for God's sake, go and see it. Top class theatre every time.

Was thrilled to receive a postcard this morning from Trish from church saying how much she enjoyed "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" whilst she was on holiday and couldn't put it down. Thanks, Trish! It's this sort of response that makes it all worthwhile and keeps me slogging away. I'm more than grateful.

Popped into Godalming to stock up on lavender oil and herb teas. Goodness, how new age-y I'm becoming. I think they do some good though. Also managed to buy four very decent shirts from the Edinburgh Woollen Mill for only £11.00 the lot. Re-sult. Ah the joy of the sales. And I have to say that Godalming's EWM is the classiest one I've ever known and always well worth a visit. The stock is completely different and much better quality than other of the brand's outlets.

Managed to fit in a nap this afternoon while the rain hammered down. It's been like a monsoon out there today, though now (late afternoon), the sun has at last shown its face.

Have just finished Patricia Duncker's "Miss Webster and Cherif." Hell, what a disappointment from a writer I usually admire. This time, it's clunky, dull, the story doesn't start until Page 80 (when - at last! - Cherif turns up), and all the plot twists are squeezed into the last 20 pages. To my mind, it would have been better as a novella or long short story. Not one I recommend. Let's hope Duncker's next is back to form.

Today's nice things:

1. Trish's postcard
2. The Edinburgh Woollen Mill sale purchases
3. The Gifting.

Anne Brooke

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