Sunday, September 17, 2006

Church and a lazy day

Church not too bad this morning - only felt like escaping two or three times, which wasn't as many as I'd been expecting. I even liked a couple of the hymns, though I phased out when it came to saying (and actually meaning) any of the non-sung words. The nice stand-in vicar came (Robin Roe), who's really sweet and asks questions about non-religious stuff (thank the Lord), but my goodness his sermons are long. Lord H was sure there were at least three sermons in there. Today was heaven and hell, so I tried not to listen - too depressing by far. But I'm sorry he's not turning up till Christmas Eve now - I'll miss him. Had a couple of nice conversations after church too, which was a boost.

Was terribly noble and washed the car. How wonderfully suburban I'm getting. Sod it, who cares anyway? Spent the afternoon catching up on my video mountain, including "Far From Heaven" (classy film about the 50s) and "Afterlife" (great stuff with a good twist). Tonight, it's "Midsomer Murder", so my TV day will be complete. Thank God for television - it stops you thinking.

This week's haiku:

As a special treat
today we drown in chocolate:
truffles; candy; fudge.

Today's nice things:

1. The nice vicar
2. The nice post-church conversation
3. TV.

Anne Brooke

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