Friday, September 01, 2006

Eileen's funeral

Attended the funeral of Eileen White (Brian's mother) in Kent today. The first funeral of one of the parents of my Durham friends since I came to know them. She was strongly Catholic, so we had the "full monty", which was very well done indeed. Interesting too - I learnt a lot more about her than I'd known before! Such is the world of the funeral, I think ... During the service, a red admiral butterfly got into the church and fluttered around - rather fitting, somehow, and Eileen would have liked it.

At home, had a much-needed nap, and also sent out the first few chapters of "Maloney's Law" to new press, Five Lines in the Sand. We live in hope, eh? No energy for actual novel writing today, but I didn't really expect there would be. One of my UniSWriters friends, Julia, tells me she's found a green crystal with a streak of red in it, which might have my name on it - will look forward to viewing said beast once I return to work next week! I think I might call it George ...

Oh, and I sent my first fresh (ie not one I'm answering) text today - thanks, Julia! - apparently it worked. A new era begins.

Anne Brooke

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