Friday, September 08, 2006

Traffic jam Friday

A morning of traffic jams today. Got stuck on the road from Farnham into Godalming for half an hour. Everything just stopped. When I finally got to the point where the jam was, I realised it was a 3 car accident (though it didn't look too bad) and the police were doing their best to clear it off the road. A few minutes after that, I got stuck again on the Charterhouse Road - this time because two large lorries were attempting to pass in opposite directions on a road not originally made with the demands of big business in mind. It's going to be hell, should they ever give the go-ahead to the bloody quarry. We'll have lorries as big as Manhattan battling for supremacy every five minutes. Anyway, cue (or queue?) ten minutes of panting and puffing, edging and squeezing before the man in the smaller lorry gave in and had to get out to give direct instructions. At least that's what I think he was doing. Shades of Mr Bean ... Still, at last they sorted it out and I finally made it home. Phew!

At home, I got stuck into The Gifting again. Another 1000 words done and, this time, there was a lot of ideas for other scenes and maybe even a big near-finale set piece buzzing round my head. It's getting exciting again - hurrah! After that, I popped into Godalming (roads clear, thank the Lord) to stock up on lavender oil. Peace, man. But not for long, as gloom and severe pissed-offness reared its head - as I went into the dreaded Surrey Bookshop and spoke to Mrs Unhelpful to get three of our Goldenford ( books back, as she hasn't been arsed to pay for them (though she has paid for Pink Champagne). Apparently she can't be arsed to try to sell them either, as when I asked for them back, she delved around behind the counter and brought them all out, including Champers - which I forced her to hang onto. Honestly, I ask you!! If she could possibly stir herself from her sluggish literary daze to put books on the shelves, she might be having more success than she is. My loyalties are now entirely with Ottakar's opposite - something I thought I'd never say! - but, really, up yours, madam.

Ooh, and Irene is doing a fantastic display of posters for Goldenford books in preparation for our October event in Barclays, Guildford. They look superb - well done, Irene! I've also written a comic occasional poem today - for the friend of a friend's hen night (are you keeping up?) - I rather enjoyed flexing the poetic muscles again. Hell, sometimes I can still do it.

By the way, last night's play in Guildford - The French Lieutenant's Woman - was utterly, utterly fantastic. Best thing I've seen for ages in the theatre. Classy and deep, with comic touches. Superb scenery and even better acting. It's made me want to rush out and buy the book - to see if it's as good as the play! Hmm, something wrong with the order there, I fear - but, hell, at least it's made me want to buy it.

Tonight, it's wine, pizza, garlic bread, ice cream & TV heaven. Bliss.

Today's three nice things:

1. The writing
2. Pizza & ice cream
3. Irene's posters.

Anne Brooke

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