Friday, September 29, 2006

Haircut and night out in London

Hey, it's rare I actually get those two things to coincide - perhaps the universe is for me today. Or maybe I'll be rained and blowed on so much on my way to the station tonight that it won't make a fistful of difference. Hey ho. Still, right now, I'm looking quite chic - trust me on this one.

When I wasn't getting my hair cut, I've been editing and writing more of "The Gifting", sending out papers for next week's Goldenford ( meeting and writing a poem for the UniSWriters' group. I've put the latter up on the Writewords ( site for comment, so I'll see what people say. Talking of which, I had a lovely and very positive comment on Writewords for "The Gifting" - thanks, Sarah! Very much appreciated - just hope I can try to keep it up!

I did get rather cross with one of the topic threads on Writewords though - once again, people are saying that if a book is "good enough", then it will be published. Actually, bollocks, people! Quality is irrelevant, and many very good books don't get published - in reality, what's published is only what's deemed "commercially viable" and, believe me, that has sod all to do with quality.

This afternoon, I need to nip into Godalming to get some shopping and distribute flyers to Ottakar's (aka Waterstone's) for our upcoming Goldenford event there on 12 October. I'll also see if I can persuade the Library and the museum to take some. If there's time. After that, I'll be up to London to see Jane and to go to the Kandinsky exhibition at the Tate Modern, so all in all a very busy day - for me. Sometimes it's astonishing I'm still standing. But it'll be lovely to see Jane.

Today's nice things:

1. Haircut
2. The Writewords comment on "The Gifting"
3. Seeing Jane.

Anne Brooke

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