Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Of mice, muscles and Maloney

Woken early today by what appears to be mice in next door’s attic (which runs parallel to our bedroom). A lot of tapping and skittering anyway, so it’s either mice or a very frantic ghost. Lord H nobly got up in the darkness and tapped back to scare them away, but I think he might have achieved some kind of communication with the beasties instead. Perhaps it’s aliens? We shall have to try to break it to the downstairs neighbour somehow …

The arm and hand continue to improve – I’ve driven into the office today, with no problems. Having the car will make it so much easier to go to my physio appointment last thing this afternoon too. I think she’ll be impressed with how much more I can do since last time. Yesterday I only took one pain relief pill, though I’m sticking to the anti-inflammatories, just in case. Dammit though – it looks like I’ll have to tackle the ironing once more after all.

Meanwhile at work, the boss is unexpectedly off so all the countless things I desperately needed to ask him today will have to keep till tomorrow. And Ruth and I have done a ring-round to cancel his appointments, though it’s still possible he might be able to come in later.

This week’s heroes are: (a) the four surviving WW1 veterans (well done, them – living history indeed); (b) Carol’s umbrella (for saving her from drowning yesterday); and (c) my physiotherapist (for being a real miracle-worker). An eclectic mix, I know, but heck that’s life, eh.

And here’s a poem:


I spend all night
disconnecting myself
from the links
I’ve made in the day

It’s a slow vanishing.
Dark clouds obscure the stars,
the sun a distant memory,
and I don’t recall

the morning.
Unpeel my heart’s cool skin;
set the moorings free.

Ooh, and Ruth has already started Maloney’s Law apparently and tells me that so far it’s the best thing I’ve written. Well, gosh – thanks, Ruth! That’s cheered me greatly. Always better that way round, you know – I’d hate for my first novel to be my best (God forbid).

Today’s nice things:

1. Lord H communing with mice
2. Feeling better
3. The four veterans
4. Poetry
5. Nice comments about Maloney.

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