Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mooching through the day and meetings galore

Spent the morning sorting out the meetings this afternoon and the one I’ve got to do on Monday, so I am now the Meetings Queen of the office. Always good to have an aim in life, you know. Meetings are like buses – you don’t get any for weeks and then suddenly there they all are at once, cluttering up your diary and demanding attention, dammit. Hey ho. Plus I had to send the minutes out twice to everyone – no, three times, including the combined papers package – as there was an error in the first set. An error – shocking! I must be losing my touch …

I’ve also been responding to queries about the University Writers’ Group and sounding like I know something about performance poetry. Well, I know who to contact anyway – even though the Poetry Café is utterly terrifying to those of us not in the inner poetry circle (which is probably most of the known universe, in truth), the Poetry Society is still a good reference source. Though you do have to be strong or full of hope (of which I am neither) to navigate your weary way through it.

Was planning to stroll calmly round campus during my lunch hour today in order to get a glimpse of the long-tailed tit I'd seen in the morning. Speedy things, tits - never stay still long enough for identification purposes. As it were. However, I'd only just set off across the courtyard when I was taken by an overpowering urge to leap into the nearest loo. Say no more. Suffice it to report that I was back in the office ten minutes later throwing myself on the mercy of the Health Centre and begging for pills (I usually carry a briefcase of pills with me at all times - Lordy, I am indeed insane - but have left it at home this week because of the arm ...). Monique and Danielle rose to the occasion and actually speeded across campus to save me - what stars! Thank you, both.

All of which shennanigans meant that I was well enough to take the minutes of the afternoon meetings - the latter of which was hugely demanding and I was forced to try to look intelligent. Always an impossible task for me really. It was all very worthy and important, I know, but honestly it was Wednesday afternoon, I was utterly shattered and all I could think about was home, home and home.

Still, I managed to restock Gladys' birdseed on the way back to my real life (ho ho) but I didn't stop as (a) she was asleep and (b) I didn't want her to get anything from me if I'm catching. And tonight I plan to collapse like a squeezed-out sponge in front of the telly. Well, it’s where I get all my writing ideas from, so it’s research, Carruthers, research …

Today’s nice things:

1. Long-tailed tits
2. The Health Centre Angels of Mercy
3. TV.

Anne Brooke
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