Saturday, November 22, 2008

Birds galore and a farewell dance

Lord H and I have spent a glorious day exploring the walks of Pulborough and also visiting Pulborough Brooks. We both managed to hold up under our various infirmities - me and my shoulder, and poor Lord H and his hand which he unfortunately gashed whilst washing up at work yesterday. It's a nasty wound for sure, though not very deep. Luckily we've got enough dressings and bandages to last till Monday when I can restock. Lordy, but we're lucky to be still walking, you know. Mind you, we had a bit of technical difficulty with Lord H's muffler - every time he lifted his binoculars to his eyes, he caught the scarf as well so ended up just staring at darkness. Ah, the trials and tribulations of being a birdwatcher are many and varied indeed. Once I'd stopped laughing, I did help him tuck it inside the fleece which meant it was out of harm's way - thus gaining valuable Wife Points which I will probably need to cash in later.

Anyway, the bird life was grand. New bird spotted today (I think) was a reed bunting. And we also managed water pipits, goldcrests, goldfinches, coal tits, a marsh tit, great spotted woodpeckers and a green woodpecker, hurrah! The Pulborough Brooks cafe also did us proud with a much needed toasted cheese sandwich and a mug of coffee halfway through the day. Bliss. Well, what with the weather, we certainly needed warming up - and I say that as someone who was wearing at least 4 layers of garments and looked like a Michelin Man.

Tonight, I will be glued to Strictly Come Dancing - and will be sure to sob hopelessly at the lovely John Sergeant's last dance, whilst booing madly at the judges and the wretched James Jordan (AKA Mr Sore Loser), should he dare to appear ... And there's also the glorious Outnumbered on so essential family lunacy at the end of the day. Just what we all need for sure. Ooh and I see they're repeating the utterly wonderful first episode of The Devil's Whore too, so well done them - and if you missed it last week, don't forget to watch it - it's grand.

Meanwhile, this morning's bible reading was a peculiar mix of the priestly garments and the calming of the storm. Here's my take on it:

Meditation 6

I carry the sons of God
carved upon my shoulder.

A memento. A prayer.

Remember me
when the dark storms come.

Today's nice things:

1. Birdwatching
2. A hot lunch
3. Poetry.

Anne Brooke
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