Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Church solutions and a spot of feminist pizzazz

Great fun last night when a fly unexpectedly surfaced in the flat and Lord H attempted to tackle it with a spanner. Which was all he had in his hand at the time (well, the saga of the unforthcoming radiators continues apace …). Seemed a little overkill to me but hey we got the beast in the end, aha. That showed it.

Anyway, talking of peace and love to all living things (ho ho), here’s this morning’s meditation poem:

Meditation 9

Carry nothing with you
when you go.

Let the air drift round you

and do not take
what you cannot restore.

When you return
shake free

even the dust
that clogs your feet

and breathe.

At work, I am now neck-deep (possibly higher) in the rejigging of the personal tutors’ handbook. After much binding in the marsh (as they say), I believe we have a compromise solution, Carruthers. Which is not the wholesale changes we originally planned, alas, but is at least reasonably doable. I hope.

Carol, Chaplaincy Ruth and I had a great discussion about church too – very interesting indeed. My theory is they should scrap the whole system and start it again – it’s just too dehumanising. But maybe we’ll just settle for getting rid of all male leadership in the church and letting the women sort it out instead. Much the best way and will solve all the current problems, I’m sure …

Suitably armed with feminist pizzazz, I decided to pop into town at lunchtime and stock up on things Godalming just doesn’t sell. Thank goodness I wrapped up warm for the journey (tee-shirt, shirt, jumper, coat, plus hat, gloves, scarf. I left the snow-boots at home …). I even managed to be brave enough to take the shortcut I never use as I hate change and getting lost – huge huzzahs to me indeed. Now I’ve fixed it in my brain at last (after four years of being here …) I reckon I’ll use it again.

Meanwhile – double hurrahs! – I can borrow the little portable heater from work which sits on my desk in order to keep warm at home too. Thank you, David & Ruth – hugely appreciated! Once we know when exactly they’ll be giving us the new system, Lord H and I can decide whether we should buy a second portable heater or not – but for now this is a much-appreciated temporary solution.

Tonight, I’m looking forward to It Takes Two and the second episode of The Devil’s Whore. Hope it’s as cracking as the first. I can’t wait.

I’ve finished Michael Connelly’s latest Bosch novel, The Overlook. Fabulous stuff – I was totally gripped throughout. And Bosch of course is so marvellous. You can’t go wrong with him and this is one of the best. Great characters and a stunning and very clever plot. Treat yourself and buy it.

Finally, is it me or does today feel like a totally jagged day?? I was on edge all the way through and my communication skills (if any) were shot to pieces. I think I have people-overload - too much inclusion is bad for my soul, I feel ...

Today’s nice things:

1. Killing flies with spanners
2. Poetry
3. The gift of a temporary heater – thank you!
4. Geographical courage
5. TV
6. Books.

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