Saturday, May 03, 2008

Tainted Tree launch and DIY corner

Have spent most of the day having a wonderful time at the launch party for Jackie's new novel, Tainted Tree. A humdinger of a read, if you haven't realised that before, and well worth the purchase! The food was wonderful, the guests lovely and, pleasingly, we sold £400-worth of books, so that was a serious result, hurrah! Many thanks, Jackie, for putting on such a great party.

Talking of books etc, I seem to have had huge numbers of people visit either this blog or my website over the last couple of days, with a massive 123 hits to the site yesterday. Well, gosh. Can't imagine what's suddenly made me quite so popular, but welcome anyway - it's lovely to see you all. Even if only virtually. And if any of you out there do feel inclined to browse my highly exciting book page, please do - you can find it here. Um, not that I'm desperate. Hell, what am I saying?? I am desperate. We should all know that by now! Alternatively, if my mother has suddenly gone into some kind of repeat hit loop on her machine, welcome, Mother x123.

On the way back home from the launch, Lord H and I have hit the DIY store with a vengeance. We've come back with a whole length of different curtain samples, three tins of paint, a set of paintbrushes and a light fitting. I think we've now decided on the terracotta velvet curtains for the living room, but without the tie-backs and the valance - too fussy and the room doesn't need it. And my goodness, our bathroom is going to be bursting with new life come next weekend. We hope. Already, I have de-moulded the place - and, ye gods, the new zappy mould remover gets rid of everything in 4 minutes. Including us, if we're not careful. Lord H is now washing the walls and ceilings, and I am washing the bathroom curtains, the bathroom door and anything else I can find within my reach. As it were. Do you think this is our version of a midlife crisis? Cheaper than a mistress or two for sure.

Tonight of course, everything must stop for "Doctor Who" on TV, and I mustn't forget "Pushing Daisies". In the midst of all this, I have managed to edit Chapter Seven of The Bones of Summer and I might even squeeze in some more before the end of the day. After all, anything can happen here in DIY Corner ...

Today's nice things:

1. The Tainted Tree launch
2. The energy of DIY.
3. TV.

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Jilly said...

It's the nesting instinct - right time of year - sunshine reveals all the faults with rooms you thought were ok in electric light - I think this is one of the best weekends for DIY shops. Who says we're civilsed creatures! Hibernating in winter - nesting in spring - definitely a throwback to a prehistoric past! Cheaper than a mistress and a toy boy for you of course! Enjoy your decorating.

Anne Brooke said...

You're right, Jilly! The DIY store was packed out today! We've ordered terracotta curtains and the bathroom is all but done. It looks wonderful too. Maybe we'll tackle the kitchen on August bank holiday - who knows ...