Thursday, May 22, 2008

Writers' Forum mention and continuing the Battle

Had a lovely Clarins facial and massage today - utter bliss. Charlotte (the therapist) had to struggle to make some kind of inroad into my stiff-as-a-wall back though. And as she's on the petite side of petite, it was quite a struggle. But I do feel better now and my shoulders have come down - if temporarily - from my ears. Phew! Bad backs are the Writers' Curse, you know. One of them at least. I really have to go back to my daily relaxation exercises - they do make such a difference.

I also managed to pick up a copy of June's Writers' Forum magazine, which contains a very challenging article about print-on-demand writer-publishing and the current Amazon (shame on you, Amazon ...) nightmare by the wonderful Siobhan Curham. This includes several mentions of Goldenford (what a fabulous publisher!) and some quotes from me. Plus a picture. Gosh, thanks, Siobhan! Fabulous article, and I nearly look human too - how do you do that?!?

For the rest of the day, I have been pulling out words, slowly slowly, from the deep dark pit to add to Hallsfoot's Battle. Lordy, but it's an agonising process today. I've managed to finish off Johan's small first section, plus put the finishing touches to the Snow Raven's initial part (yes, I am bringing the Snow Raven more centre stage this time - he deserves it - but hell it's hard writing bird-speak!). But the main voices of this first chapter belong to Annyeke and, of course, Simon, and I need to focus on those more. Or at all really. The first chapter won't be done without them - the ideas are floating around but I'm too tired to grab them and make them concrete. Hey ho.

So I've taken a break and had a much-needed nap. Double bliss. I might do some more to it this evening, but we'll see. Not much TV on really - I haven't actually got round to committing to "Heroes" at all - but I might watch "Earl".

Today's nice things:

1. Clarins treatments
2. Siobhan's article in Writers' Forum magazine
3. Wrestling that damn Snow Raven down and getting something vaguely sensible out of it.

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Nik Perring said...

Go you!


Anne Brooke said...

I'm trying, Nik - as ever!