Monday, May 12, 2008

Reflexology, Maloney and the Dean’s trousers …

Not so bad at work today, for a Monday anyway. There’s been a queue a mile long (at least) outside our window for the Students’ Union end-of-term parties and they’re all very loud and excited about it. Can’t say I blame them! Though by the end of the morning, they were mostly all sorted and peace – of a kind – has descended.

The rather worrying thing about this morning though has been the discovery of the Dean’s trousers and jacket placed carefully over his chair in the office. Hmm, Andrea and I are now concerned that a naked Dean is wandering round the campus terrorising the students, but we are too afraid to go looking for him. That would be far more than the call of duty should expect, I feel. We can only hope that he did have something to change into …

Meanwhile, to calm my shattered nerves (dahlings, the heat, the concept of Monday, etc etc …), I rely on this lunchtime’s reflexology session. Where would I be without it? And the walk to and from the therapy centre was extremely pleasant too. Always good to have time to dream. And to think what the heck I’m going to write next. No decisions made yet though. I’m tempted by my dabblings into the comedy crime take-off story I started a while back, but then again I do like the dark side too. Ah, choices, choices.

Tonight, I will pop into see Gladys on my way home, and then I’m set in for the night carrying on with the edit for Maloney’s Law. I managed to get to the start of Chapter Six yesterday, so I’m hoping to have done at least another couple more chapters by the end of the evening. For the moment, my focus just has to be there. Funny how I always find the edit far more intensive than the actual writing of the thing, on the whole. And more thrilling too.

Oh and the Dean came back, fully-clothed thank the Lord. It’s a spare suit apparently. That’s saved the University’s blushes, for sure.

Today’s nice things:

1. Pondering on the Mystery of the Dean’s Trousers
2. Reflexology
3. Editing Maloney.

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