Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Back to school ...

Ah there’s always a payback to bank holidays – the fact that after a glorious stretch of fun, you have to damn well go back to work. Dammit. Which means Tuesday becomes Monday and Tuesday rolled into one. Huge and heartfelt groaning … Oh well, at least the weather is nice. And I managed to catch up on my emails fairly quickly, thank goodness. There’s nothing worse than a complicated and undoable email request first thing in the week. Or indeed at any time.

Mind you, the boss has landed a whole load of work on me – typical! – which I wasn’t really looking to do. Extra groaning. Best struggle through the piles then. Really it’s way too hot to work. Roll on retirement – oh, sometimes it would just be soooo nice to escape! Or at least be allowed to look somewhat less than enthused once in a while without having to justify it. It's the curse of working for the care services – they pick up on everything, dammit.

This afternoon, I have minuted the Student Induction Implementation Group (AKA Project Welcome). All very worthwhile, but really it’s too hot for meetings as well. I’ve then struggled through the rest of the afternoon attempting to write up the stuff. Plus keep on top of the morning load. My (paid) working life is so fulfilled, you know.

Tonight, on a day when I am utterly desperate to get home and at least do the odd line or two of editing to The Bones of Summer, I have to go shopping. Double groan. And there seems to be huge amounts of things to get. I strongly suspect that our neighbours are breaking in while we’re at work and stealing all our food. It’s the only explanation, I feel.

Thank the Lord that it’s a short week indeed.

Today’s nice things:

1. Good weather
2. Getting home – eventually
3. The thought of a short week.

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