Thursday, May 15, 2008

Goldenford and the reluctant socialiser

Have spent this morning updating the Goldenford website with information on Irene Black's upcoming novel, Darshan - which is a gripping and literary tale of a young Indian woman's search for her UK roots. You can read the beginning here. We're hoping to publish it over the summer, so watch this space!

I've also updated the News section with the details of Goldenford's June visit to Germany - a Surrey publisher goes international, so all exciting stuff!

For the rest of the day ... well, quite frankly, I've napped. And chilled. Lordy but I need it. Haven't even faced the ironing yet, but hell these things can wait. We will just have to be crumpled for a while. A state of being we should be used to, after all.

I've also decided that - bearing in mind all my editing is done and that's the promise I made, at least to myself - that I will go up to London tonight (reluctantly) to see the old University girls. Actually I was originally intending simply not to go and not say anything, as I assumed my editing wouldn't be finished. Lord H did suggest earlier in the week (when, yes, I've been agonising) that the answer would be to work more slowly, but I can't do that. The editing speed is the editing speed; it's either "on" or "off". So I can't say I'm looking forward to my night out. Sorry, as I do know that probably makes me some kind of bitch with no idea of the value of "friendship" (inverted commas are deliberate), but I'm just not. Ah well. Unwillingly to school is the feeling here. And I'm very, very twitchy. None of us seem to see each other as we really are any more - nor do we want to, in my opinion - so it feels like flogging the dead horse (apologies for the cliche) of friendship when it's been down and mouldering for some years now. It's just that nobody's noticed it. Or perhaps we've just ignored it is the more accurate statement. Anyway, ye gods, what an image. Sorry.

And, hell, it's London. I don't much like going to London. God, sorry about the moaning too. I'd slap myself into some sense if I could summon the energy.

One thing though - I've moved on in my "next novel thoughts" to thinking I don't want to do a comedy after all. At least not today. Dark grittiness, angst and pain are more the thing. Hell, it's just so much more me, dahhlings.

Today's nice things:

1. Updating the Goldenford site
2. Napping
3. Um, um, coming home later!

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Nik Perring said...

Goodness, you couldn't be more right about editing being on or off. Too true!

Hope you have a good time later...

Anne Brooke said...

Not as bad as I'd feared, thanks, Nik - still feels like taking up an old skin I no longer really fit though.