Friday, April 04, 2008

The golfing marketeer

I must say what a glorious sunshiney day it's been today. As an old acquaintance used to say, it's a "trumpety Hadyn-y day". And who's to say he was wrong? Anyway, there's far too much ruddy rhyme in those previous sentences than is strictly good for us (not to mention overuse of the word "day"), so I'll carry on and hope for some decent prose. So here goes (oh no, not another one ...!): Marian and I have thrashed the life out of the golf course this morning and came out with exactly the same score. That never happens. This means she's done very well and I've done very badly. Sigh. Still, I was quite happy with my attempted shot over the pond which landed on the very edge and stayed there. Hurrah! Thank the Lord for that conveniently placed nettle patch which kept my ball from the wet.

And my low-key celebrity status continues to burble away in the background, ho ho - the golf club receptionist was very excited about seeing me in the Surrey Advertiser before Easter, so excited indeed that she bought a copy of Thorn in the Flesh. Goodness me. I think Marian was almost impressed too! Double gosh. Ooh, and since yesterday's radio interview, the hits to my site have actually more than doubled. Could there be a connection?? Anyway, thank you to those 38 good people who've peered in through my virtual front window today - I hope you've enjoyed the view! Do come back sometime - it's lonely here in the twilight zone, you know ...

For the rest of the day, I have been working full-tilt on the updates to the Goldenford old site. All I need to do now is fiddle around with the book covers and I think we're nearly there. I even managed to get the Paypal information on, with Jackie's help, so the Age of Miracles is not dead. However I live in fear that I'll find out I've overlooked something vital and all will be lost - please God, I hope not!

At least there's the grand finale of "Torchwood" to look forward to tonight - though naturally there'll be weeping and gnashing of teeth that there is no more Torchwood next week. How can such things be? What will Lord H and I do in these long summer evenings without Captain Jack and our special torch collection to keep us going? Hmm, no, don't answer that ... I like to protect the innocent. Should I find any.

And I've just finished Rick R Reed's High Risk. A rollercoaster ride of excitement and terror which had me hooked as to what the hell was going to happen to poor Beth. Very well written, with some agonising moments of violence which were in keeping with the plot but rather too much for me. Eyes, I just don't do eyes. Nooooooo!!! Definitely worth a read though.

Today's nice things:

1. Selling a copy of Thorn
2. Website visitors
3. TV.

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Goldenford's old site


Unknown said...

Media attention always boosts hits to websites or blogs. I got namechecked by Roy Greenslade recently in the Guardian and my stats doubled overnight and have remained so.

Well done!

Anne Brooke said...

Gosh - and I'm only local, so I hadn't thought it would have any effect! A way to go before the dizzy heights of the Groaniad though ...



Lexi said...

Both your website and blog are Google ranked 3/10, so you're doing really well.

Graeme K Talboys said...

Not a fan of King Lear, then?

Anne Brooke said...

Gosh, that sounds very impressive, Lexi - if only I knew what it meant and how you know!!


And, Graeme - actually I'm rather fond of the old king, but I do have a tendency to vomit when the Gloucester eye scene ("Out, vile jelly - where is your lustre now?") comes up!

Hugs x2!