Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bones, Goldenford and the mysteries of chestnut hair

A very quiet day today. We haven't done very much. Good Lord, I haven't even left the flat, though Lord H has done a spot of shopping and brought back lunch and a paper, hurrah. I've been attempting to get to grips more with Facebook, which continues to remain more of a mystery than MySpace is. Perhaps it's an age thing, I don't know, but I do prefer MySpace as a networking tool. Too many applications on FB really.

That said, I have started up a Goldenford page on Facebook which you can find here. It's very lonely being the only fan of a publisher which produces the best books in the south, so if you are a Facebooker at all, please do come and join me. I promise not to bite. Well, not for the first few days anyway. I've even set up an event for our forthcoming Goldenford talk on Writing from our Roots on Wednesday 14 May at 2.30pm in the Guildford Institute in North Street, to which one person has already suggested they might come (thank you, Julia!). Gosh! Indeed I am so modern. Ho ho.

In the middle of all that virtual excitement, I've also managed to add another 1,000 words to The Bones of Summer, which brings it up to just over 70,000 words. Double gosh. Almost a novel-ful then. I also have Craig discovering the bitter truth about his past, so the aftermath of that is going to be fun to write, I can tell you. Suspect I'll leave it to another day though - he needs to mull it over for a bit first. As do I.

And, responding to the Golden Girls' suggestions, I have tweaked the Goldenford website in one or two places, so I at least feel that my new title of Webmistress Extraordinaire is not a courtesy one.

Tonight, I'm planning to watch "Dr Who" and hope that it's better than last week's clunker of an episode, and then it's the great decision of whether to watch (a) the golf; (b) "Pushing up Daisies"; or (c) "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". And once that's decided, I can then work out what to video. Ah decisions, decisions.

Ooh, and I am officially Shocked of Godalming. The latest discussions on the Vulpes Libris review site have strayed into the area of whether chestnut hair only actually exists in fiction. Well! Really! Rosy B, what can I say?!? One look here will indicate all too well that chestnut hair is alive and kicking and living in sunny Godalming, m'dears! As if the question even needed to be asked!

Today's nice things:

1. Writing more to Bones
2. Creating a Goldenford Facebook page
3. Validating the existence of my hair colour!

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Roger Stevens said...

Came here via a poem link. Good to find a real published author (even if you do play bad golf.)
I have lots of children's poetry published and am just embarking on the mystery that is publishing grown-up poetry (see my blog.) Also just about finished my first grown-up novel.

I tried MySpace and FaceBook and then Bebo for a bit but none of them really worked for me. Then I updated my blog to the new-look-blog-thing (as you can tell I'm very technical) and that seems to serve.


Anne Brooke said...

Hi, Roger - lovely of you to stop by! Sorry about the golf. It really is quite bad ...

Well done on the poetry publishing - good for you! Publishing is always a mystery, I have to say! And also huge congrats on finishing the novel - am struggling with my current one.