Sunday, April 13, 2008

Web mania and the chocolate festival

In spite of the rain, Lord H and I have made the effort to go out today, and ended up at the chocolate festival at Polesden Lacey. Mmmm, lovely. Though we were noble and did the house first - our attempts to dodge the Room Dragons were fairly successful, thank goodness. Mind you, there were children around so no doubt they had other things on their mind ... We also had a lovely walk across the always stunning grounds and the sun even shone for a while, astonishingly. Then we hit the Chocolate Tent, and were quite restrained, well for us - though I did have to drag Lord H away from the chocolate fountain before he plunged into it. And I discovered a really wonderful chocolate & courgette cake (yes, you are reading that right), with cinnamon. Lovely. We had it warmed with ice cream as pudding today, and even have some left over for tomorrow. It's the healthy option after all - no doubt being an extra portion of vegetables for the day.

For the rest of today, I have been setting up various Goldenford sites on the web. So we now have a Facebook page and a MySpace page - so do come along and make yourself known if you use either of those facilities. It will be lovely to see you in the online world! I make a damn good cup of virtual tea, you know.

I must also say how utterly wonderful yesterday's TV was. "Dr Who" was stunningly good and incredibly deep. It should really have been the first episode, to my mind - it deserved it for sure. And "Pushing Daisies" is an absolute Must See - quirky, wise and funny, and totally, totally off-the-wall. Like "Spaced" but set in America. I loved it. If you missed it, do make the effort to catch it next week - it's wonderful! Tonight though I shall be glued to "Foyle's War" and am already in mourning for the fact that there'll only be two more episodes ever after this one. What is wrong with programmers?? Foyle is amazing - why the hell are the idjits ditching him?? It's madness out there.

This week's haiku:

Through the cold sunlight
you spike the day with silence.
I wave a goodbye.

Today's nice things:

1. Chocolate festivals
2. Building up the Goldenford web profile (hey, I have the lingo, you know! Almost ...)
3. TV.

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DJ Kirkby said...

Hi. My mom made chocolate Zucchini cake during harvest time when I was a child...yum! I must ask for her recipie...

Anne Brooke said...

Sounds fab - lucky you!!



Denise said...

Just noticed the Winchester Writers' Conference listings have been released today. Have a look at the pdf on the front page of their webiste, you're on page 44!

Mmm, a chocolate tent. I'd still be there.

Anne Brooke said...

Scary! Thanks, Denise - I will have to look!