Saturday, April 19, 2008

TV, novel endings and a secret curry

I am utterly (and possibly very sadly) thrilled to have received my Torchwood certificate during the week. Signed by the great Captain Jack himself. Ah, I'm now an official operative, you know. And they may well need my services at a future date, should Godalming ever be threatened by alien invasion. Oh no, I'm already too late. Dammit. Never mind, I can still hold my torch in the special Torchwood manner and wear a long black coat. Hmm, in that case I fear no-one will notice the difference.

This morning, I have popped into Guildford to put some cheques in and post a parcel (really, my life sans Lord H is so full of incident). I also paid a visit to Waterstone's, who are still holding their single copies of my old first novel, The Hit List, and Pink Champagne and Apple Juice. Well, I do like to go and say hello to them if I'm passing. It's only polite. And you can always guarantee they'll be in.

Back home, I have finished the cleaning (thus gaining extra Wife Points for when the Lord & Master returns, hurrah!) and finally come to the end of the big action/tension scene in The Bones of Summer. It took a while, but I think it's pretty much nailed for a first draft. Before the countless changes I'll no doubt make anyway. Beyond that chapter, I just have to mop up the pieces and come to some kind of conclusion. I really don't like the conclusion that's currently sitting there in the file. It's going to have to change. For me though, that's par for the course: I wrote the ending of Maloney's Law a hell of a long time before I actually reached it. And when I got there I thought no way would Paul ever do that, so ditched it and wrote the opposite. Which works. Honestly, sometimes novel writing is nothing more than a way of getting to know a character more, and by default getting to know oneself more. Hey ho.

I've also watched my video of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", which I've seen before but which I love anyway. Sigh, I'm just a romantic slush underneath the prickly kick-ass exterior, you know. And tonight it's "Dr Who" and "Pushing Daisies". Lovely. And of course, the secret curry. Aha!

Ooh, and the lovely Siobhan Curham has emailed me to set up a telephone interview on Monday for an article she's doing on self-publishing and Amazon for Writers' Forum magazine. Which of course I'm more than happy to do - the availability of good books is an issue of vital importance to readers and writers, and the problem isn't going to go away any day soon. Writers - like the Sisters of old - are really beginning to do it for themselves.

Today's nice things:

1. My Torchwood certificate
2. Nailing that final key action scene in Bones
3. TV.

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