Saturday, April 26, 2008

Birds, books and a minor celebrity moment

Lord H and I have spent most of the day at Farlington Marshes, enjoying the glorious weather and admiring the birds. Bliss. New bird spotted today - linnets, hurrah! And what lovely birds they are - pink and grey and surprisingly bright. Rather like a long-tailed tit, but bigger. And without the long tail. We also came across black-tailed godwits, avocets, oystercatchers, skylarks and meadow pipits. So, all in all, a damn good day.

I've also been reading more of Nik's novel and am thoroughly enjoying it. The plot is really darkening up now and I foresee trouble ahead. I am particularly worried about Jess - don't do it, Jess. He's not worth it!!

Tonight, I shall be glued to "Doctor Who" and "Pushing Daisies", accompanied by the takeaway Chinese we've just bought from Waitrose. Mmm, prawn toasties - my favourite ... And I'm being on-the-ball in terms of my monthly blues - as I've started taking the extra evening primrose/starflower oil a couple of days ago when I felt the need rather than sticking rigidly to a week before D Day. It seems to have perked me up for sure - but, believe me, I'm keeping an eye on the whole damn thing. As you do.

Ooh, and I forgot to say yesterday (what is it with my memory this week? Should I up my intake of fish??): bizarrely I am reaping the financial benefits of my apparently minor local celebrity (ho ho) status as the receptionist at the golf club insisted that I, as an author, had to have a free game. My goodness, do you think I should try my luck and send a note to Nicole Farhi asking if a free frock is on the cards?? Hmm, yes, the words "Chance" and "Fat" do come to my mind too ... Anyway, I was very grateful, even more so when said receptionist also bought a copy of Pink Champagne and Apple Juice, having enjoyed Thorn in the Flesh so much. And yes, I did say they were very different! And I also suspect that the days of free golf games will soon come to an end when she realises quite how Z-list I really am. Ah well, I shall bask in the glory while it lasts ...

Today's nice things:

1. Birds
2. Nik's book
3. TV.

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Poppy said...

Hiya Anne!

I've tagged you on my blog,

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Poppy - that's really sweet of you! Must admit I don't do tags though, but thanks for thinking of me!