Monday, December 03, 2007

A dragged-out day

God, but today was long. And wearisome. And totally exhausting. I think I've aged at least five years just dragging myself through it. I seemed to have been in work for weeks and weeks, but when I looked at the clock it was only 9.45am. Damn and double damn.

Talking of clocks though, I've had a bit of technical difficulty with my watch once we turned the corner from November to December. It didn't seem to understand when I tried to move it from the 31st to the 1st of the month, as each time I tried it would change the time instead. No matter the position of the button. So I've been on the correct actual day but one date behind since Saturday, and had to throw myself on the mercy of Lord H this morning. I had visions of him having to turn the time round and round for about a zillion rotations before all the right numbers came together but, in fact, he did it in ten seconds without even looking at it. Naturally, faced with this outstanding example of the Alpha Male, I did what all strong executive women do under these circumstances - I fluttered my eyelashes and swooned.

Also this morning, the one joyful thing about the day I was hanging onto was the thought of my reflexology session at lunchtime. However, my joys were dashed as I am having a Senior Moment (is it the HRT??!?) and it's not till next week. Triple damn and let slip the dogs of war. Instead, my lunchtime was filled with the slow traumas of minuting (yes, another meeting - how utterly super, dahlings!...) the Steering Group. I did try to be interested - believe me, I did - but the commitment simply wasn't there. Half an hour before the end (it lasted for two whole hours), I was so bored that I could easily have taken a couple of biros from the pen supply and stabbed them into my own eyelids just to relive the monotony. Either that or run madly from the room, screaming no, no, please don't make me do another meeting. I'll answer all your questions, just please don't make me listen to all this! Especially as I've already had the same discussions twice in last week's two meetings as well. With almost the same people. Honestly, I swear that being a Minute Secretary at the University is worse than having to undergo Chinese Water Torture - the same things over and over again. When oh when will it all end??

Anyway, once back at my desk, I lay in a heap for a while and snuffled for bit, and then managed to start writing up the ruddy stuff. And still the day dragged on. And on. When it finally ended, I even had to trawl round Tesco for an hour doing the shopping. Thus demonstrating that even when I think I've reached the final limits of my boredom threshold, there's still just a little bit more left.

I might try and do some writing later on. I just have to take the biros out of my eyes, dammit. I've written a poem though, based on a dream I had during the week:


Hold the canvas still
or the wind might take it.

Measure the paintbrush
with your fingers,

colour all the berries

the scent of summer

on your tongue
and wait

for the silence.

Today's nice things:

1. Surviving the day
2. Poetry
3. Lord H sorting my watch out.

Anne Brooke
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Jackie Luben said...

I don't know why you were worried about the watch Anne. I'm sure if you'd waited a year, it would have been fine.

But thank goodness for men, eh?

Anne Brooke said...

Would it?!? I can't work it out - my brain is too numb ...



Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

God, I sympathise with the meeting thing! I've had to sit through some stinkers - I found at the same time of year the same issues arose and the convesations went round and round without achieving anything. I used to imagine killing people who dared to say anything when asked if they had 'any other business' at the end.