Saturday, December 15, 2007

Day with Mother and MA celebrations

Spent the day with Mother today. Scary biscuits indeed. I think I managed to look like a fairly normal daughter most of the time though, in spite of being so shattered from our very busy week. In fact we were so tired that Lord H and I both fell asleep in the afternoon while Mother was still talking. Not sure she noticed ... I also managed to nap most of the two hour journey there and a nice proportion of it back again. Luckily Lord H was driving.

Interesting fact learnt today - sprouts don't grow in the darkness of the soil rootling around like moles as I'd always thought, but on stalks. Like bean-stalks - how seasonal! Well, there you go. It just shows how all those years of being a country girl were wasted on me. I was thinking they grew in nice plastic bags tied up at the top. Now that would be convenient. The good thing was that, to celebrate my ignorance, we now have half a ton of sprouts from my stepfather's garden and a few parsnips too. Which should keep us going till Christmas, hurrah! At least.

We also took the opportunity to exchange Christmas presents - and daughterly honour was satisfied by the fact that my present is significantly larger than Lord H's. Not that I'm terribly competitive or a sad git or anything of course. Though I don't think Mother has yet noticed that all her presents are wrapped up in paper with pictures of naked men on it. Ah, she will, she will ...

Back home, we're on a swift turnaround and off out at 8-ish to a friend's MA celebration party. Well done, Cathy, on your success, and here's to the PhD (no pressure then)! All this means I've had to video "Strictly Come Dancing" so I shall be glued tomorrow to see what dramas and traumas have arisen. I just can't bear the tension!

Today's nice things:

1. Another Christmas visit ticked off!
2. Sprouts
3. MA successes.

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