Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas done and the hoopoe watch

Had a lovely Christmas day yesterday, shared entirely with Lord H. Bliss indeed. We were planning to go to the Christmas morning service, but in the end we got rather involved with my new website the night before (watch this space - it's looking fab!) so didn't get to bed till midnight. So no chance of leaping up in the morning and paying our religious respects to the Almighty. Ah well.

Once up, we just about managed to perform the ritual of the present opening while it was still morning. Had some wonderful presents, including the "Strictly Come Dancing" and "Blue Peter" annuals from Lord H so I can drool over gorgeous Gethin to my heart's content. Mmm ... My particular favourite however was the remote-control Sumo wrestlers from Peter and Sue - we have had hours of fun with them already, so thank you indeed! Mother managed - as ever - to buy one peculiar present. This time, it was a thermal hood with attached scarf in bright red. Which so isn't me, dahhlings! It will clash with my eyes. Not to mention my hair. I fear a charity shop moment cometh upon me, but hey it's the thought that counts!

Yesterday, I also drooled over the "Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special" - lovely to see Gethin getting a perfect 40, but he should have won. He was robbed - again! And we gasped at the thrills and spills of "Doctor Who". Wonderful stuff.

Today, we did manage to leap out of bed at a relatively early hour, inspired by the thought that a hoopoe had been spotted south of Farnham. A hoopoe! Now there's a bird with a serious bad-hair day. How I empathise ... Sadly, once there, we found no hoopoe, though there were a heck of a lot of excited hoopoe-watchers. So many that they probably scared the darn thing away. Still, we wandered on up the Blackwater Valley and spotted two herons, a little egret, crowds of long-tailed tits and a thrush or two, so an enjoyable day nonetheless (now there's a word I've always wanted to use in a blog).

Back home, I'm putting the finishing touches to the site and I think it's there. Hurrah! I am indeed the HTML coding queen. Now all we have to do is (a) buy Dreamweaver and (b) get our new web provider to transfer my domain name from my old provider and other shennanigans (c) upload the new info and (d) crack open a bottle of champagne. And Lord H will be starting the New Year with so many Husband Points he may never need to gain any more.

Time for a relaxing evening, I think ...

Today's nice things:

1. Nearly (oh so nearly ...) seeing a hoopoe
2. Getting the new site sorted
3. Having time to chill.

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