Thursday, December 13, 2007

The onset of reading glasses and lunch with the gals

Meandered early into Godalming today in order to get a car parking space, but actually at 10am-ish it wasn't too bad. I'd been expecting far worse. I wandered around the shops for a while and stocked up on jumpers and other essential winter items, and also spoke to the people at Godalming Museum. The good news is that I think we have a launch date for Thorn in the Flesh of Wednesday 27 February in the evening, hurrah!

The (totally unrelated) bad news is that I had my usual annual eye test today and - after much embarrassed coughing (well, the optician is really very sweet) - it transpires that I have moved far enough into my executive years to need reading glasses as well as my usual ones. Sigh! He doesn't think I should go for the bifocal option due to the amount of stuff I do on the computer, but he suspects that over the next two years I will probably need variefocals (sp??). However, for the moment it's two pairs and a zimmer frame. Oh, sorry, that last item just crept in there. I at once rang Lord H for support - ah foolish wife! - but all he could suggest, whilst laughing, was a lorgnette and a chain to keep the other pair round my neck. Really, this isn't what I signed up for at the marriage altar, you know. As a result, I fear that Lord H has lost all Husband Points gained over the last five years, with little hope of gaining any more during the following five. Indeed, it's lucky I can see to type this at all. Who knows what maner of tpyos I am maknig ...?

After all this age-related trauma, it was lovely to sit down to lunch with Jane & Ang, plus Ang's Saskia (hello, all!) at the Slug and Lettuce. There's nothing like a decaf cappucino and a duck wrap to soothe the delicate nerves. As it were. I also managed to bump into two other people I haven't seen for ages during my Godalming morning - one I was pleased to catch up with and one I was rather keen to avoid, so a nice balance was achieved by all, I suppose!

On the way home, I popped into see Gladys who, sensibly enough, is keeping warm and looking forward to the Spring. Heck, aren't we all. For the rest of the day, I have fiddled around with Thorn launch admin, which included managing to delete my invitation document by mistake - though thankfully I have succeeded in hacking my way into the recycle bin and retrieving it. But oh the shiver of fear that runs through the stomach and the lurch of horror through the blood when these traumas occur! I will have to lie down in a darkened room to recover again.

Tonight, I hope to do a little writing, though I'm really not in the mood. Dammit but my fingers are too cold. And I must watch last week's "Ugly Betty" and do a shed-load of ironing before we are totally unable to move in the flat at all for unironed clothes. Double sigh.

Today's nice things:

1. Getting the Thorn launch sorted.
2. Lunch with the girls
3. Ugly Betty - I hope!

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Graeme K Talboys said...

Ah, just you wait. You'll be like me soon. Wandering around wearing one pair, another shoved up on top of my head, moaning cos I can't find my glasses. Oh yes. Merry Christmas ;-)

Anne Brooke said...

So much to look forward to, Graeme!



Jilly said...

Varifocals are the new black for the oldies!! Seriously I've been wearing them for the last 4 years and found them excellent. I do still have a separate pair just for reading because unless you're working at a desk you have to hold your head at a funny angle to read. But I only use my reading glasses if reading in bed or curled up in a chair. I have to read stuff and use a computer at work and varifocals are ideal. So this is something to look forward to. Chain round the neck works well for reading glasses if you use distance and reading glasses - or even two chains, one for each - but that can lead to tangles!! Jilly

Anne Brooke said...

Glad I won't be alone then, thanks, Jill! I shall look forward to my glasses tangle!