Friday, December 28, 2007

Tax returns and no dead bodies

Had very noble plans today of leaping up at a suitably ungodly hour and spending some time on the golf course. Naturally this didn't happen and once again I only just made a morning entry into the day. Ah, I could get seriously used to this kind of life, you know. I think of it as a vocation.

Anyway, once up and suitably attired, we checked that our post was as boring as it was yesterday (answer: yes) and then had a brief walk into Godalming through the country routes to stare at birds and see if there was anything worth buying. Interestingly, we came back via a route I've never been, not in the 14 years of being here, which just goes to show (a) how terrified I am of new routes and (b) how often Lord H goes out prowling the woods of a dark night when the moon is full ... oo-err, missus. Didn't spot any bodies though - I've always rather fancied being a walker without a dog who comes across a dastardly crime. But I suspect that may be my twisted mind. And too much TV whilst growing up.

Not many birds around either - though we did see some redwings and a white-fronted goose, and the trees were alive with long-tailed tits, as is their wont, apparently. And there wasn't anything worth buying in town. In spite of the fact that Lord H and I spent some time poring over the wisdom of getting some special gum protection mouthwash for my delicate gums. God, I sound so old - I fear I am turning into my grandmother after all, and so ruddy soon. Anyway, the information on the gum mouthwash bottle told us that my teeth and tongue would change colour if I used it, but that they would (probably) go back to being normal again once I stopped using it. Ye gods, how Dickensian. I think I would rather have a gum problem than a green tongue & teeth (or whatever colour it turns you into - it didn't specify ...) so I shall continue using my normal one and hoping for the best.

Back home, I have been scribbling away like a woman obsessed (so no change there then) at The Bones of Summer while Lord H has nobly been doing my tax returns. You'll be pleased to hear that in 2006-2007 I earned precisely £249 for my writing, which consisted of an article bought by the BBC and some money from the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society, Gawd bless 'em, which I get for being poor and unloved. Please send more, eh. I suspect I won't be giving up the day job any day soon.

And we're one step closer to my new website - UK Hosts has acknowledged our transfer request and given us a number to quote when nothing happens. Not that I'm being cynical here - perish the thought!

Tonight, I'm doing a shit-load of tax papers filing (hell, it's the least I can do really!) and staring at the cleaning. Oh, and there's the inside story of "Strictly Come Dancing" on, so I can't miss that. Gossip? Bring it on!

Today's nice things:

1. The walk into Godalming
2. Writing
3. So nearly earning £250 in a year, hurrah!

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Lexi said...

£249, indeed.

Last year I earned approximately minus £145 from writing; the cost of setting up the website, paper and ink, and entering a competition I didn't win.

Could have been worse...

Peter said...

If you wanted a new web host thingy then you should have spoken to me

Anne Brooke said...

Ah I'd write those off, Lexi! If I added in everything I've spent, I'm definitly in the poor house!!

And I see that my Brother-in-Law has secret web knowledge - you should have said, m'dear!!!




Welshcake said...

You should be proud of that £249 Anne!

Anne Brooke said...

I certainly am, Welshcake! I'm spending it wisely!