Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Waiting for the dance

Trogged through today, not really functioning on all cylinders. So no changes there then. Didn’t get much sleep last night and felt wiped out, which probably explains it. Must attempt to get an early night at some stage – sleeping hours are becoming distinctly squeezed. I must say all this isn’t helped by the irritating and long drawn-out focus on the wretched Children in Need charity on Radio Two. Bring back a normal Terry Wogan slot – please! Very sorry and I know it’s totally non-PC these days, but I can’t abide all the talking about bids and children – it’s soooooo dull. I’m having to listen to Classic FM or Radio Three – whichever plays the nicer tunes …

At least I’ve managed to catch up with personal correspondence though, which included writing to the GP (aka That Cow!) and letting her know the blood test results and what I’m taking for it. Well, even if I don’t want to talk to my doctor, I’d rather keep my medical notes up to date. Who knows, the surgery might even get round to looking at them before an appointment one day. Miracles can occur! Heck, they should be grateful I haven’t written I told you I was right, so why did I have to arrange my ruddy blood test myself then??! No, I’ve been gracious, m’dears, and haven’t said that. Though if I see the GP in the street, I will take her condescension and her mealy mouth and stuff both of them where the sun don’t shine. With no feelings of guilt either. Harrumph!

In the meantime, outside the office window a man in a suit appears to have set up a makeshift office on the walkway, using a table that has been left there all night. Ye gods, we can’t even afford to give our lecturers inside rooms these days. The poor chap has his briefcase out, a wad of papers and is leaning against the bike lock-ups, chatting away on his mobile. If he stays there for much longer, IT will set him up with a computer and a landline.

Anyway, it’s caused us much amusement in the office on this relatively quiet day and, speaking of bizarre situations, Ruth tells me that her sister-in-law works as a police inspector and once turned up for work in full uniform but with her fluffy pink slippers still on, as she’d been running late. Not sure how that affects the prospects of promotion to chief inspector … although perhaps these days that actually raises your chances. Not only that but the sister-in-law in question was at a school fete one day and was persuaded by her children to have her face painted with a cat picture. Yes, you’ve guessed it – she then had an urgent call to attend an accident on the M25 and didn’t get time to take the paint off. Ah the police – a marvellous organisation indeed.

Oh and we may be getting to that stage in evolution where we can no longer tell our different types of phone apart; yesterday Sally from Advice came in with her landline phone in her handbag as she’d got it muddled up with the mobile. Needless to say, it didn’t work so well. But I’m starting to think they should really bring back wires for home phones – at least you can’t go too far with it then!

Went to listen to some relaxing music at lunchtime at the weekly concert. So nice to sit down for an hour and not have to do anything. Bliss! The bluesy jazz band at the end were particularly fab.

Tonight, I’ll be strutting my stuff at Scottish country dancing, and then popping into Jane H’s to collect my supply of Nutrimetics products. Oh, I do come close to being a real woman sometimes, you know!

Today’s nice things:

1. Laughing at the outside office man
2. Laughing at police antics
3. Dancing.

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Cathy said...

You might not like Children in Need, but the sad fact is that the majority of childrens services are now funded by charities like Children in Need, Comic Relief and Help a London Child. Simply because the government has progressively abdicated its responsibility to fund them since the 1980's.


Anne Brooke said...

I do know all that! Doesn't stop it being dullsville UK though - unfortunately!


Anonymous said...

Newbie visiting from Casdok. It may be dullsville to you, but it makes me quite homesick.
Best wishes

Anne Brooke said...

Hi, Maddy! Sorry you're homesick - a nasty feeling indeed. Hugs galore!