Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A trip to town and the mysteries of the duck-cam

Was much bemused by the new duck-cams on “Autumnwatch” last night. Is Bill Oddie on drugs?? Surely no self-respecting duck will allow it anywhere near them? Or perhaps we’ll have lots of videos of ducks falling about laughing as they attempt to get away from the stranger in their midst … However, it’s good to see beavers back in the land again (as it were …).

And talking of nature, Lord H and I were wondering about whether we should have some sort of purpose in life, apart from running around looking at birds (us), attempting to write (me) and avoiding being social (him – well, us really, to be honest). He did suggest that maybe we should simply avoid the issue entirely and Adopt a Porpoise (rather than a Purpose ... - groan!) instead. It would save all that moral complexities/meaning of life stuff for sure.

This morning, I fiddled around with marketing and agenda planning. Which is probably my Porpoise in Life in itself. I also nipped into town at lunchtime to pay in a cheque (such a rare event in my life that I feel I must note it!) and do a spot of shopping. My ankle bore up pretty well, so maybe I will be able to go to the ball tomorrow after all. Will just have to clear the cinders from the hearth first and I’m there. Though I suspect I’ll have to take it easy nevertheless.

Oh and Lord H is taking over the organisation of the house building insurance – we’re three flats so we’ve always done it as a joint enterprise, but until now the downstairs neighbour has been in charge. He left a little note yesterday asking us to do it as he feels that now he’s in his mid eighties he wants to give some things up. Which is fine of course and more than understandable – it’s just that I felt quite sad that he might not be with us for ever. Henry is such a stalwart of the town and also of the house. I’d really miss him if he’s not there. And – I suppose – seeing as he was here when we moved in fourteen years ago, if things change, it will almost be like having to grow up ourselves.

And here’s a poem:

A scattering of apostrophes

You write the letter,
leave it for me
to look over.

Once read,
I take the silver bowl
at my right hand

and scatter apostrophes
like tiny stars
over the page.

They land
in the places
they wish to,

sparkle once
before vanishing
into the lines.

Tonight, I’m carrying on with editing Tainted Tree for Goldenford and will also have to see what’s happening in the world of “Strictly Come Dancing” gossip and “Autumnwatch” shenanigans. Heck, I do so enjoy this new dumbing-down of TV we’re having – I’ve been waiting for years to ditch the intellectual content of the viewing schedules, and at last my time has come, hurrah!

Talking of Goldenford, Jackie & Irene have been signing books in Book Boyz bookshop in Farnborough today – so hope it’s gone well for you both!

Today’s nice things:

1. Paying a cheque in
2. Editing
3. Writing a poem.

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