Sunday, November 04, 2007

An archetypal hacker

Rushed around attempting to do some cleaning this morning, thus earning valuable Wife Points which I can cash in later, ho ho. I also had a request from the wonderful Rhian of the It's a Crime review site, asking me to provide a book review for her Christmas crime books round-up. Great idea, Rhian! And thanks for asking. So I've done that and emailed the result off accordingly. I only hope it makes sense.

I've also been worried that I haven't written any poetry for about three weeks, so have come up with something about not being able to write (Lord, how pathetic!):

My head

used to be filled
with thoughts
and lines

but I think
they fled south
for the winter.

The land
is silent now.

Only the tumbleweed

I do feel quite pleased about managing a poem where the title serves as the first line also. I always think they're quite fun to do, and it makes me feel like a real poet. Almost!

We played golf with Marian this afternoon, and had lunch at hers afterwards. Siegi couldn't play as he's managed to put his shoulder out, poor chap, but we went round anyway. Mind you, it might have been better if we hadn't, as we were crap again! I am indeed the archetypal hacker - I seem to have lost the knack of hitting the ball with the clubhead - maybe I should think about using a snooker cue instead? Or just kicking the damn thing into rough. Fairways are so passe, you know. Lunch was grand though - casserole followed by rhubarb crumble and custard. Mmmm, lovely ... Stayed clear of the alcohol options though, as I'm determined to keep to my go-slow until I get the blood test results. Bloody shame though - what's an Essex Girl without her vino, I ask you?!?

Tonight, I'm going to be doing some more editing to Jackie's novel - I can't leave Addie too long while the plot is thickening. I might miss something essential! Though I feel I will have to watch the "Strictly Come Dancing" results programme - will Kate survive to dance another day?? Hell, it's anyone's guess really. There are also two glorious dramas on to ease our Sunday night, but I fear I will end up watching neither. Not sure I'm in the TV watching mood. I feel more like a bit of an edit. In so many ways, eh!

This week's haiku (which is in honour of Lord H's comments when we were attempting to circumnavigate the new car parking system at Woking, sigh!):

New barriers form
triangles for cars to dance through:
pinball carpark.

Anne Brooke
Anne's website


Jackie Luben said...

Oh I do sympathase about the Woking car park, Anne. I haven't even been there recently, and I know what you mean.

My busy weekend's over now, and I hope to return to my editing of Thorn in the Flesh very soon.


Anne Brooke said...

It was certainly a nightmare! Take a compass if you park in the near future - they seem to have changed everything ...

And shock news about Dorothy in Tainted Tree - I'm very excited now!!!


Casdok said...

Woking car park, yuk!
Im off on my travels today and taking A Dangerous man with me!!!

Anne Brooke said...

That's a scary combination, Casdok - enjoy!!!