Sunday, July 15, 2007

Birds and bliss

Just back from holiday - well a long weekend away. But it was utterly, utterly marvellous. And incredibly relaxing - the best holiday I think we've had in a long while. We did a fair amount of walking, visited nature reserves and bird sanctuaries and saw loads of birds. Including little egrets (which are about the size of an elephant, so goodness knows what a large egret is ...), cormorants, black-headed gulls, herring gulls, tern, a tufted duck, great-crested grebes, green finches, house martins, swallows and - my all-time favourites - the long-tailed tits. They're soooo cute! I could put one in my pocket and take it home. But Lord H (let alone the RSPB) wouldn't allow it, I fear. All in all, we saw about 40 varieties of bird. Bliss.

The B&B was good too - a lovely room, fluffy towels, great breakfasts, and super clean & comfy. Will definitely stay there again. Or at least in the area. The Purbecks are wonderful. Honestly, I could retire there. Given half a chance. And so near Lord H's home ground of Bournemouth too.

The best bit of all (apart from the long-tailed tit family) was the walk along Studland Beach. I couldn't resist it - I took off my shoes and socks and walked along in the sea. Lord H did too. It was bliss. I haven't done that for nearly 30 years at least. And it was past the naturist area of the beach too. I do appreciate it might have been better etiquette to put my binoculars away (for the birds, people, for the birds!!), but nobody complained, and I didn't look at anyone below neck level. Always the best move. Actually, given the right moment and a pleasing lack of people, I was half tempted to shed all inhibitions and clothing, and leap into the sea myself. Bloody hell, but it was that kind of day. I can see the attraction of it for sure.

Here's a poem I've just written:

At Studland Beach

That particular sparkle
of light on water
gets me,
the sand’s amber glow.
A minute is all it takes
and it’s thirty years gone.
I’m tearing off shoes, socks,
rolling my trousers up

and I’m running,
shrieking like a child let loose from school
into the sea.
A blast of icy blue, creamy wave,
the sting of salt on skin
and I’m in.

And, hey, even a sonnet there - of sorts! So I hope you're suitably impressed. My attempts at sonnets usually end up like Patience Strong (Heaven forfend!), so this is a change for sure.

We've definitely got to go away for another bird weekend sometime this year - it's great. Has taken my mind completely off the lack of activity on my nearly deal with
PD Publishing - which can only be a good thing. Writing career (ho ho!) - after a weekend like this, who really cares, eh!

This week's haiku (which did happen, I swear it!):

The ducks on the lawn
perform an evening quadrille.
They wait for applause.

This weekend's nice things:

1. Studland Beach
2. Bird-watching
3. Feeling relaxed - for the first time in ages, at least for any length of time!

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Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

Hi Anne, so glad you had a good break. We've been over to Studland quite a few times (there are some Geocaches there!) and had a great time. It must be the shortest ferry ride in the world to get over there. We didn't come across any nudies either although there were plenty of 'warning' signs.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Sue! Maybe you weren't looking in the right places, tee hee?!



Anonymous said...


What a lovely weekend. It does sound ideal and pleased to hear you relaxed.

We are fortunate enough to get visited from long tailed tits in our garden. Not often but they are a lovely site as there are usually more than half a dozen at a time.

Of course it helps if there are nuts in the bird feeder!

Sue xx

Anonymous said...

PS I wrote this early morning and realised I can't spell 'sight'.

Better than the last 'public' spelling error I had on your blog though!!

Sue xx

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Sue! Lucky you in the bird spotting stakes! And actually I like "site" - very phonetic!