Thursday, April 05, 2007

Michael reaches the Amazon ...

Rather cold-ridden today, I'm afraid, so have been lolling on the sofa with smelling salts pressed to my nose and a wet flannel clutched to my forehead. How charming. I like to think I'm a modern-day Lydia Languish, but fear the true image is more prosaic than that. Ah well. Never put your daughter on the stage.

I was going to do lots of writing, and leap into Godalming to stock up on essential oils and the Surrey Advertiser, not to mention visiting Gladys, but I have done none of the above. Well, I have done some writing, though as the stuff I put into The Gifting balanced more or less with the stuff I took out, the wordcount remains similar, alas. Ha! I've always wanted to use "alas" in a sentence and now I have. Hurrah. That said, I now have Simon almost at the end of his water experiences, which means I only have two big scenes to go and then the first draft is done. Ye gods indeed. The penultimate scene is his final story-telling one, which will be - I hope - the key to everything. I'm not starting it today though. I need a fresh morning for that. And a less snotty nose. But I might well do another poem on art - there's one lurking somewhere in the ether so I'll have to see whether I can entice it out. It'll be something to do while Lord H is at the Maundy Thursday service tonight doing his server duties and keeping the priest in order.

Which brings me to Michael (somehow!) who has finally made it into the clutches of Amazon and can be found here:

No cover picture yet, though I have queried this with Flame (, and no ratings of course, but at least he's there. So if anyone out there has read A Dangerous Man and feels able to put a few comments up on Amazon at anytime, please feel free to do so! I'd be very grateful (as long as you're not too rude!...). Talking of which, the lovely Erastes ( has just started reading ADM and has already reached the one night stand scene. Ah, but it becomes so much more ... and glad you're enjoying it, Erastes!

Tonight, I've cancelled my counselling session with Kunu (it was moved from this morning), but I'm glad not to be going anywhere, to be honest. Instead, I'll be watching my video of "Life on Mars" from Tuesday, and working my way through my secret store of Lucozade bottles. Oh, and there's chocolate in the house ... chocolate, hmm ...

Today's nice things:

1. Michael being on Amazon
2. Life on Mars
3. Getting Simon to the start of his two ending scenes.

Anne Brooke


Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

Hi Anne. I just left you a review on Amazon (although they haven't approved it yet). Yes, my name on Amazon is 'Poohbunnie' - oh dear - wish I'd chosen a cooler name now!

Congrats on getting onto 'the big one' - get Flame to put the cover up pronto! I thought the 4-6 weeks they state was a bit steep though -when I ordered from Flame it arrived in about 2 days. Maybe they are covering themselves in case they need to do another print run though (now there's and exciting thought!)

Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, thanks, Sue - much appreciated!

Yes, Amazon always say 4-6 weeks for small publishers - all the Goldenford books are the same too, although in fact we turn Amazon orders round in under a week. I imagine the same will be true for Flame. Of course, the real negative point for small publishers on Amazon is that they get so little for their books in the first place (which is why, I imagine, Flame were reluctant to have an Amazon entry). For instance when "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" is bought via Goldenford, we get £7.99 but when it's bought via Amazon we get about £2.00.

That said, Amazon reviews go to more places than small publishers can get to, so it's probably paying for the marketing opportunity!

Hugs, and thanks again!


Robin said...

ahhhh...chocolate! Enjoy Anne...!

Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, I am, Robin! Hope your chocolate fest is good too!