Saturday, April 21, 2007

Frocks, friends and Philippes

We had a great time at Robin & Gavin's last night - as I thought, Liz and John were there too, and the six of us had a really good time. I think it's the best time I've had out at someone's house socially since Christmas - so thanks for making that possible, Robin! Whilst there, we were chatting about Liz's son, Rob, who's an up-and-coming actor and also very hot-looking too (down, girl, down!) - and so I've asked Sue ( to add his link to our list of Philippes on the new Pink Champagne and Apple Juice website ( But you'll have to wait till the beginning of May (date tbc) to get a look at the gorgeous Rob, I'm afraid, but it will be worth it, I promise! And I must say what a marvellous job Sue and Frank are doing on the new Champers website - it looks fabulous. I'm sure you'll love it when it's here!

This morning, Lord H and I went for a stroll round Guildford, attempting to buy me a new frock. I desperately need one for Glyndebourne ( this year, as we're off to the opera four times over the summer; we go each year and over the years I've made friends with the lovely woman who looks after the ladies' loos. Well, a couple of years ago, I walked in, joined the queue, she looked up and said (one second before clapping her hand over her mouth and blushing bright pink), 'Oh hello, how lovely to see you? Isn't that last year's dress?' The two of us just started laughing, but the rest of the (rather posh) queue were not amused ... And, yes, it was last year's frock. And, um, the one from the year before that, and the previous few years also. So time for a new frock indeed. Which normally takes me months and months to discover, but today, Lord H and I walked straight into Viyella and there it was: a simple blue thing which looks fine on and is roomy enough to sit down in without fear, and not too bad a price either. Hurrah! Mission accomplished.

Oh, and we had a brief dip into our eternal quest for a pair of bedside cabinets, with inconclusive results. It strikes me that this has been our ongoing marital quest since our honeymoon, so if we do ever get any cabinets, we won't know what to do with them and, anyway, what the hell is our next quest going to be? It's a mystery, really. And I met Angela, one of my old poetry group people, in Heal's, so we had a nice, if brief, catch-up conversation. My my, I'm being so sociable this weekend - and enjoying it too - that I really can no longer recognise myself. Must be the Britebox working, not to mention the return of sunlight to our darkened and gloomy shores.

We were also attempting to look for a new watch for Lord H, as his current one is hanging by a thread and, I suspect, will not be long for this world. The trouble is, he wants one with a digital screen somewhere on it (even if it has a normal face too) which lights up so he can check the time in the middle of the night, and with an alarm also. Strangely, there doesn't seem to be any of these around, which aren't the same type as he's currently got, and he does want a change. So if anyone out there knows anything about watches and can tell us where to look, please do shout! Meanwhile, Lord H will have to start telling the time by the position of the sun. Which isn't so good for the night-times really ...

After our M&S lunch (really, I don't think there's as much filling in their wraps as there used to be, you know ... Good God, I'm turning into my Grandma - someone help me, please!), I did some more to The Gifting, and I think I'm now at the end of my penultimate chapter. Though the last one will be long. I'm wondering whether to go for a wham-bam or a subtle finish at the moment, but suspect I'll have to wait and see which way the pen turns. Ye gods, sometimes I think I have no control at all.

Tonight, Lord H is watching something on the Reformation on TV, as theology class starts on Monday and it's Church History this term. Which really has to be better and meatier than the boring old Ethics of last term. Which he didn't really enjoy, to be honest. And it's "Dr Who" also later, so that can't be bad. Not to mention our usual weekly fare of pizza, garlic bread, ice cream and wine which we've had to hold over from yesterday of course. Never say we're not creatures of routine ... Hell, we may be sad, but we're happy with it. If you see what I mean ...

Today's nice things:

1. Working out the Pink Champagne website launch date
2. Buying a frock!
3. Dr Who.

Anne Brooke

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