Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Stranger's Table and Goldenford

Hey, had a good day at work today - ye gods, miracles can still happen. I worked like a trooper, got my minutes done, ploughed through my emails, took a walk round the lake at lunchtime and stared at the ducks, and even trogged on with my amendments to the mentoring handbook. Hell, I must eat cornflakes again for breakfast some time. Must be the E numbers.

And I think two more people might have ordered "A Dangerous Man" from Flame Books (http://www.flamebooks.com) so I might even have sold five. You never know ... But much to my delight I discover that a lady called Maxine has commented on the Crimeficreader blog (http://itsacrime.typepad.com) entry with ADM in it, saying that, of the three novels mentioned, mine looks the most interesting - http://itsacrime.typepad.com/its_a_crime_or_a_mystery/2007/02/some_more_new_c.html#more - I felt really chuffed on hearing that - thank you, Maxine! - and have replied saying how happy Michael is to hear it too. Well he is, but can only convey this by means of me; he's more a man of the drawing pencil than the pen.

At home, I discover that the lovely Martin Holroyd at Poetry Monthly Press (http://www.poetrymonthly.com) has sent me the copies of my latest poetry collection, "A Stranger's Table". My cup runneth over indeed! Perhaps this week is my lucky publishing week in the great mind of the universe and, after this, nothing will happen again for years? Still, it's a nice feeling, though - I'm not complaining! And it's a snip at only £5.50 for a collection full of sex, furniture and boats. Oh, and not forgetting the magic cat. What more could a poetry reader want? Once Martin has it on his website, it can be purchased from there, but otherwise, if anyone out there wants a copy, let me know and I can do the necessary. Post-free indeed. Surely no further good news can come my way this week?...

Tonight, it's Goldenford (http://www.goldenford.co.uk) , so I'm looking forward to catching up with them and working our way towards the publication of Jay Margrave's "The Gawain Quest" - which is an utterly amazing novel (hell, all our Goldenford novels are amazing and I should know - I edit them, apart from mine of course ...) which should be snapped up by all and sundry the moment it appears in June. I can never resist a novel which starts with such a sharp and witty sex scene, but then that's me for you.

Today's nice things:

1. Getting my copies of "A Stranger's Table"
2. The nice comment about Michael on the blog
3. Goldenford stuff.

Anne Brooke


Roger Morris said...

A good day indeed, Anne! I shall pop over to cfr and see her entry about A Dangerous Man.

Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, thanks, Roger! It makes me feel almost like a writer, you know ...



Anonymous said...

Fantastic news Anne.

Sue xx

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Sue!!