Monday, February 12, 2007

Days off and DVDs

A day off work today - hurrah! Well, I have to use up holiday before the end of March, as I can only take 5 days over to next year, so this is the first of my spare days. Lord only knows why I don't take my full holiday allowance each year, but I never really have. Probably the protestant work ethic or some such bollocks.

Anyway, I spent the whole morning doing more marketing/PR type stuff for "A Dangerous Man". This isn't something I enjoy - bloody hell, who am I kidding? I hate it, I hate it! It gives me a headache - but at least I can do it all by internet and not worry about actual contact with the scary outside world. The modern age is a great boon to sociopaths such as myself ... But, hey, Chevonne from Flame ( tells me she's sold one book - hurrah! So something must be getting through. And grateful thanks to whoever that was. Hell, I hope you like it ... Now, all I have to do is sit back and wait for the royalties to roll in, tee hee ...

This afternoon, I couldn't face any scribbling, so I watched "The Taming of the Shrew" from my Shakespeare Retold DVD instead. Hell, even I deserve a break sometimes! Anyway, it was marvellous. I love it - it's such a good production, and is the only thing I've ever liked Rufus Sewell in, I have to say. His irritating curly hair seemed to be under control, which made a difference - God, I am really so shallow that it's probably safe to say my reflection does a better job of being me ... Anyway, I thought he was made for that part. And the woman playing Kate was excellent too - wonderful expressions.

Ooh, and some advance publicity for "ADM" from the wonderful Rhian at Crimeficreader which can be found here: - you need to scroll down a little to see it, as it's the third & final one on the new crime fiction list. Many thanks, Rhian - I'm very grateful.

At the same time, and as promised, Charles at the Ink, Sweat and Tears blog has posted my haibun, "A Journey with my father", which you can find here: - it's the top one on that main page today, and you'll need to click "More" to read all of it. Again, thanks, Charles.

Tonight, Lord H and I are planning a slump in front of the TV, once he's brought the shopping home - "New Tricks" is on, and I do so love it. Oh, and I must say how wonderful it was last night to have "Foyle's War" on once again. It's a real class act and just what you need for a Sunday night. Actually, they filmed one of the episodes in Hascombe & Dunsfold not that long ago, but I think poor old Michael Kitchen (who is wonderful of course) found us all rather loud, scary and excitable. Perhaps he thought Surrey at least would be refined enough to give him some peace? Ah, those days are truly gone, I fear ... We're all star spotters now, m'dear.

And I've written a poem about retirement which I include below:

Changing lives

You’ve no use for him now,
all the years he gave you
in paper, ink and sandwiches
you’ve boxed up and returned
in the guise of one small clock.
Smiles and speeches too
but none of them can comfort him.

Because it’s over, and the last day
fades so soon; dusk comes early
in winter. Then handshakes, more smiles,
kind words, one last glance
at pale desks and coffee stains
and he’s gone; out of the door
and into his unimaginable life.

So he drives home, the familiar road
an alien landscape, each second
taking him a thousand miles
from that he knew and clung to.
The car stutters to a halt, the garage door
creaks and, in the space left behind,
all the evening birds come singing in.

At last he makes his way through azaleas
to the kitchen door, his world
so soon to be bordered by its yellow welcome.
Inside, his wife smiles, her eyes a subtle mix
of empathy and love; she hugs him,
makes him sit, stirs sugar into tea;
allows him the thought of a new way to be.

So, today's nice things:

1. Finishing the initial marketing push
2. Selling a copy of ADM
3. Watching my DVD.

Anne Brooke

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