Saturday, February 17, 2007

Champagne, Clarins and the blue-rinse brigade

A lazy morning start - hurrah! Had an email from the lovely Sue Haywood ( who is planning a special, interactive website for "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" - which will have blogs from the characters, forums and a cocktail lounge amongst other delightful offers. It sounds really great, Sue - so thank you for that, and I'm looking forward to getting it sorted for the big 9 April launch date. Even if no-one drops by, we'll still have a good time!

And, sadly, I've spent some time practising Michael's signature from "A Dangerous Man" ( as it came to me last night that if I get the chance to sign any copies of the book (hell, if I even get the chance to see one!! Cue author's sad cries of: where's my baby? I want to see him now!!!...), then I'd like to sign from both of us. Pretentious bollocks maybe, but it feels right. Anyway, I think I've worked out something I can use which is more him than me, so I'll see how it goes. I was explaining this to Lord H at lunchtime today in the Waterstone's cafe and looked up to see that he was edging further and further away from the table whilst keeping a calming smile on his face and reaching for the mobile. Still, I should be used to that by now ... But I expect the men with the normality drugs will be round any day now.

Attended my regular Clarins facial late morning, which was bliss as usual. Emma (the Clarins therapist) decided to go for the radiance treatment today, and afterwards persuaded me to buy some cream that will apparently restore my youthful glow. So I suspect this may be the beginning of the end. Or the end of the beginning. Or some such Churchillian wisdom. And, talking of ageing, much to my shame, when Jane W and I were having our curry last night I actually had to get my glasses out as I couldn't otherwise read the menu. My, how she fell about laughing. I think I shall take up knitting and swearing at the telly, as Grandma used to do.

All of which made me feel very at home at this afternoon's theatre trip with the normal Guildfordian blue-rinse brigade who attend Saturday matinee performances. Lord H and I saw Rattigan's "French Without Tears", which was spiffing, old chum, what ho. Vintage Rattigan really, so very enjoyable, particularly in the battle of the sexes, but the second half was much slicker and cleverer than the first. The old lady behind me kept missing stuff as I think her hearing aid wasn't working, but I was impressed during the interval when she said to her companion that she'd decided she really had to give up the skiiing when she turned 82. They make 'em tough in Guildford for sure. Oh, and on the way out Lord H and I were terrified by the mother one row up from us who was quizzing her son on the complexities of the Rattigan plot and demanding answers before he got an ice-cream. Ye gods, I know Surrey Parenthood is the most competitive in the UK but the poor little lad couldn't have been more than six or seven. I thought about leaning over and advising that he ring Childline, but Lord H whisked me away before I could cause any substantial damage. Surely childhood is bad enough without theatrical exams being added to the mix?

Tonight, I really have to do some cleaning before the Soap Police come round. And it'll be "Primeval" on tv later, but I shall demand that Lord H watches it with me as it apparently contains giant spiders. Ye gods. And the normal ones are frightening enough.

Oh and we're having champagne to celebrate my two book week - hurrah!

Today's nice things:

1. The plans for the Champers website
2. Practising Michael's signature - well, I got a kick out of it - sadly ...
3. The play.

Anne Brooke


Anonymous said...


You go ahead and practice your signature. It's far more mature than at school when we practised signing our 'married to be' names of the boys who wouldn't even give us second glance.... okay that was just me then.

We've just watched primeval for the first time. Would it be good parenting to say to the kids, if you don't eat your greens a big centipede will get you? No I didn't think so.

I'd love to write a book on alternative parenting - things we'd like to say but shouldn't!

Anway, you celebrate with a big glass of champers, enjoy and give yourself a big pat on the back.

Sue xx

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Sue - and goodness me you were a confident child!! I never imagined in a thousand years that I'd actually get married at all - it was marvellous when Lord H turned up and seemed keen!

And definitely write that alternative parenting book - it'd be a wow!!