Saturday, July 19, 2008

Websites, hot men and song

Have updated the Maloney section of my website today with the latest information on purchasing and prices, and am also trying to catch up with my eBook reading. And Lord H has nipped out super-early today to get to Kingston to buy an i-phone. Apparently, he was Number 4 in the queue at ... um ... 8.15 this morning. And he has one, hurrah! So, I am no longer the person in the flat with the newest - or coolest - phone. Ah well, my glory only lasts for a moment, you know ...

Ooh, and I've been watching the Golf Open rather more avidly than usual due to the presence of this on the course. Slobber. Ah, my loyalty to Seve Ballesteros is rapidly fading, I fear. And the gorgeous Camilo taking his place. Honestly, when Lord H called me in to look at that picture (hell let's have it again just because we can) last night, I was nearly licking the screen. Lordy, I'm nothing if not fickle. Though Seve does still have the sexiest accent in the known universe. And glowers so beautifully. You can't go wrong with a Spaniard really. Mmmm, or a Colombian ... So, sod the tennis - honestly golf is where all the hot men are at these days.

This afternoon, Lord H and I are off to Glyndebourne to see the glorious Albert Herring, which I love. A great comic opera. And we've decided to take tea at the Mildmay restaurant instead of having the full monty meal (as it were). Goodness, how very English we are - anyone for a crumpet, Carruthers?...

Anyway, this explains the horribly early blog, as I now have to spend several hours choosing what on earth to wear before we can set out, plus we'll need to do a bigger lunch, due to the tea option. Ah, if only the servants worked weekends eh ... Noblesse oblige.

Today's nice things:

1. Lord H's new i-phone
2. Golf totty
3. Opera.

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Debbie said...

Blimey - I see what you mean about the golf link. Oh to be ten (no, let's be honest, twenty) years younger ....


Anne Brooke said...

Nonsense! You're only 29!...



Anonymous said...

I had no idea golf could be so exciting :)

This blog is a revelation...


Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Sarah! Golf is pretty hot at the moment - all that totty helps!