Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Clinics, strange dreams and writers

Up while the nightingales were still around today – and what a glorious day it is, weather-wise – and into work early due to my morning appointment at the Surrey Park Clinic. This time they’re taking the tumour marker blood test (oh joy) so here’s hoping they don’t find anything drastic. Though if they discover my old school tie, that would be very useful, as I was never entirely sure where that went … Apparently too I should start taking more of the oestrogen HRT just to see if I balance out a bit. Little does the poor doctor know that a state of utter imbalance is actually normal for me. Ah well.

Ooh, and I had very weird dreams last night. I was a little old lady somewhere in the tropics (all jungle and savannah – do they even go together?? Is savannah even a word??), fighting off strange spirits who took over the minds of scary men and started pursuing me. Finally the latest scary man died, but the strange spirit came out of him and went into me. Thus making me an equally strange and deadly little old lady, who could then go off and terrify other people. Just like a normal day at the Uni then. And so very me, dahlings.

Back in the real world (ho ho), I took the University Writers’ Group at lunchtime – the last one of the academic year – and it was fun. We managed to look at the manuscripts on offer and discuss ways into writing too. All that in an hour, goodness me. I didn’t set any homework today as I’m sure they all need a rest over the summer. Plus the chance to work on whatever they want to. Next year, when we start again in September, we’ll be affiliated with the new English Department and meeting there, so that’ll be good. Should shake up the feel a bit and keep us all on our toes for sure!

I had my usual weekly meeting with the boss this afternoon rather than this morning (due to my appointment), so I’m hoping all will be made clear at that point about the various projects I have where I don’t have a clue what to do next. Hmm, that’ll be most of them then. Lordy only knows why the University keep me on at all – must be something to do with Care in the Community … Or maybe they just see me as a scary little old lady?

Talking of which, tonight, I shall pop into see Gladys on my way home, and will be bringing her a fresh carton of birdseed. Being hyper-efficient, I have even remembered to pop in a pair of scissors to open it with. Saves having to tear it apart using only my bare teeth and a hell of a lot of swearing. On the other hand, that would be something for Gladys to join in with. These days, she likes a good swear. Don’t we all.

Ooh, and the lovely and talented Catherine Edmunds has given A Dangerous Man a very kind review which you can see here. Thanks, Catherine - I really appreciate that.

And – hurrah! – it’s “Bonekickers” tonight on TV. It’s so wonderfully bad it’s a work of genius. I can’t wait.

Today’s nice things:

1. Weird but interesting dreams
2. Writers’ Group
3. The review of A Dangerous Man
4. TV.

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