Monday, July 07, 2008

Minutes, feet and editing

Thank goodness the email appears to be back online at work again, after one week of floundering around in the ditches waiting to be rescued. Sigh. Not sure what I might have lost though, but I'm hoping that if it's anything urgent then whoever sent it might contact me again. Or that the situation will have resolved itself without my interference. Much the best way really. Interestingly, the stuff I do have appears to have been sent twice, which means my inbox wasn't as scary as I first thought. Thank the Lord.

Having dealt with that, I am now neck-deep in minutes. Much like our email system last week I too am floundering around trying to make sense of the exams assessment meeting, whilst ignoring the evil creature of my away day notes. Oh joy. Thank goodness – once more – for my lunchtime reflexology session. It makes Mondays almost bearable, you know. Not only that but I bumped into Angela, who used to be in the University Writers' Group and now has a baby (Strapline: Come to University Writers and get more than you bargained for …), so nice to catch up. Motherhood obviously suits her and hey the baby looked fairly normal too, as far as babies do.

Not that Monday's been that bad really – the lovely Emily from Marketing came round, and we had lots of discussions about weddings, as she's getting married in August. Always a good way to start the week, and yes you can tell the office menfolk aren't here. Naturally, we're still working our fingers to the bone of course. Would we dare do otherwise?

Tonight, I am running the gauntlet of the dreaded Tesco shop, and then I'm planning more editing to The Bones of Summer. I'm getting very excited about it. I do love the whole Paul/Craig arc. Oh and there's a new series of "New Tricks" on TV too, so I must watch that.

Meanwhile, across the water, the plot continues to thicken: the Amazon US Maloney's Law entry now has a synopsis attached. Still no cover art though. Whatever next eh?

Today's nice things:

1. Reflexology
2. Wedding talk
3. Editing Bones
4. The Maloney synopsis
5. TV.

Anne Brooke
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Irene Black said...

don't talk to me about Amazon and their images, Anne. I've had an ongoing battle with them for the past week to try and get them to reinstate the cover of 'the Moon's Complexion'. Fool that I was, I told them to replace the first edition cover with the current one. So in their wisdon they removed the old cover - and didn't replace it!

Irene xx

Anne Brooke said...

Never discuss anything with Amazon, Irene - it does no good!