Sunday, July 13, 2008

Birds, chocolate and a surprisingly competitive husband

Lord H and I have spent a lovely day today at Hayling Island, wandering around and attempting to look at birds. Not many about, Carruthers, though we did manage to spot a kestrel, a collared dove, some black-headed gulls and (hurrah!) some black-tailed godwits in summer plumage. Very pleasant indeed and the rain held off. On the journey down, however, I was dozing away to the background lull of Classic FM when Lord H suddenly gave a triumphant snort and said: Ha! I beat that then. On enquiring what on earth he was on about, I was told that we'd passed a big sign telling us that Hindhead was 8 minutes drive away, but Lord H had put a spurt on and done it in 6 minutes. Hmm, I fear that these "helpful hint" road-signs might not be having quite the effect they're supposed to have on the male boy-racer population ...

We also managed to fit in a pub lunch at The Maypole Pub, where the staff were really sweet and funny too. If we're in the area, we'll definitely go back. And the super-chocolate ice-cream dessert with extra chocolate and chocolate bits was to die for. Even though we had the low-fat option (ie no cream). Hell, but we're so noble.

Though I would say that the east and west sides of Hayling are very very different indeed! The east was great, but the west was a bit scary. We parked near The Kench and everyone stared at us. In a very hard and frightening manner. I was rather worried in case we came back to the car to find that the tyres had been reallocated elsewhere. A local village for local people, I feel ... However, due to some nifty derring-do and by creating a diversion, we escaped intact, I'm pleased to report.

Tonight, I must check the cars and see if our oil and tyres still function (West Hayling folk are strange folk, you know ...) and then we've got the joys of Midsomer Murders on TV. I'll also try to do some more to The Bones of Summer. I'm now on Chapter 20, but feel that which way I jump on some of the new plot lines is a bit fluid at the moment. Hell, but I'm always fluid at the moment, so not much difference there then.

This week's haiku is:

On reaching the 40s:

Never mind roses
or lace: give me the jewellery
and make it today ...

And, alas, I fear that the Surrey literati are still keeping me on the naughty step - though actually it's surprisingly comfortable and the views are grand (it's an outdoor step, naturally. Well, my family are from the north ...). I am obliged to venture out only under cover of total darkness and in a disguise so deep that even I don't know who I am. The plot thickens and the excitement mounts. As indeed do the twig-beatings!...

Today's nice things:

1. Birds
2. Pub lunch
3. Writing a haiku
4. Editing Bones
5. TV.

Anne Brooke
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JILLS said...

Hello Anne.
I am ashamed to say that this is the first time I have read your blog - so twig-beatings for me, too, I fear. I just never seem to have the time to do any of my normal things of late - ie Writewords - hardly ever go on there now although I did some comments and uploaded a tanka today for the first time in weeks. And even my blog is being somewhat neglected. I should truly be locked up and the key thrown away!

I enjoy reading about Hayling though - never been myself.

Really will catch up soon.

Love and hugs,##Jills xxxx

Anne Brooke said...

Hello, Jills! Lovely to see you here in the Madhouse! And well done on the tanka - I've never really succeeded with one of those, I fear ... Nice to have a friend in the twig-beating zone though - I'll get you a G&T while you're here!

Love & hugs galore