Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jewellery, tea and chat

Up as early as possible today so that Lord H and I could go into town and stare in adoration at the eternity ring I fell in love with at Cry for the Moon. Result - he loves it too! So he's bought it and I am now the proud owner of an utterly gorgeous piece of jewellery, hurrah! Or I would be if my actual anniversary wasn't until September, so I suspect I may have to wait to get the thing on my finger. But I'm hoping I'll be allowed to gaze at it occasionally between now and then, mmmm ....

I've then spent some time updating my website with the Maloney's Law details. Each time I look at the cover, I like it more, so that's a good thing for sure. And I've also edited another chapter of The Bones of Summer - slowly, slowly - so am now on Chapter 18. We're getting there, captain.

This afternoon, Pauline & Tony, my friends from Kent, popped in with their son, Darren, for tea and chat. And how marvellously civilised it was too. Ham rolls, crumpets and cake, all prepared by Lord H's fair hands. Bliss. Also lovely to catch up with what's been going on in the Kentish world and to talk education stuff (Pauline's a headteacher). I come from a long line of teachers, you know, and can now throw in university stuff to the mix too - so occasionally I might even sound intelligent. Though, as Pauline has known me for years, I suspect she's not fooled.

I also have to admit to having to give up on a book I'd been really looking forward to and which had been recommended to me, sigh. Sorry, but I really didn't find much of merit in Reinaldo Arenas' "Before Night Falls". What an irritating and self-obsessed man - and if anyone round here is going to be irritating and self-obsessed, then it sure as hell is going to be me! I gave up at Page 91 as I really couldn't stand the competition. Perhaps the film is better? Though I fear I won't be bothering.

So, tonight, I shall catch up on the comedy TV I missed yesterday, and maybe do some more editing too. You never know.

Finally, bearing in mind the higher than usual level of complaints (complaints?? You mean somebody out there is actually reading this stuff? Well, gosh! Lordy, but I feel quite touched ...) about my crazed blog witterings this week, I would like to state categorically and with hand on heart that NO HORSES HAVE BEEN INJURED IN THE MAKING OF THIS BLOG. Though several innocent crumpets did take a good beating (and have of course been given the usual information on how to contact Crumpet Line accordingly). Phew! You can all breathe the proverbial sigh of relief then ... Though perhaps I'd better keep wearing the body armour just in case, m'dears!

Today's nice things:

1. Getting an eternity ring
2. Updating the website
3. Editing Bones
4. Tea with friends
5. TV.

Anne Brooke
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Jilly said...

Complaints? What complaints? We're nice people - we don't do complaints!!

Anne Brooke said...

But you're lovely, Jilly, of course!! But, being a redhead, I'm bound to raise the wrath of some others along the way!

Hugs & love, and hope you're having a good w/e!