Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Maloney, babies (arrgghhh!!), poems and Hallsfoot

Really pleased to get a lovely comment from Sarah Watts (Optimist on the Writewords site) about Maloney’s Law today. Sarah says: “Anne - I am as ever in awe. Your books are all so different and so very well written. Let's just say you surprised me again.” Thanks so much, Sarah – that’s great to hear. And I’m also glad you enjoyed the Egypt scenes – for those of you who get to read the book, the scene with the boy, the bread rolls and the Americans did actually happen when Lord H and I were in Cairo. Scary for sure … Ooh, and two more lovely people have ordered Maloney from Amazon, so thank you, Jane H & Vicky – much appreciated, both! Paul is even now making sure he looks his best for you.

I walked into town at lunchtime – it’s a bit cooler, thank the Lord – in order to get a wedding present for a colleague and a baby present for someone else I know who’s … well … having a baby. Honestly, what is wrong with people??! They should stop having babies at once and just go to the pub or something. Though on second thoughts maybe that’s where the trouble starts?...

Meanwhile at work, I’m slowly getting to grips again with the Personal Tutors’ Handbook updates, not to mention battling womanfully with the Away Day précis. However, the undergrowth continues to thicken, Carruthers. Somebody pass me the scythe and a paperclip …

Talking of scythes, here’s a poem:

Blank slate

The older I get
the more invisible I become
and I was never that noticeable before.

It's something to do
with shedding the things
that defined me:

church-goer; organiser; reliable;
friend; nice (sometimes).
None of them did me any good.

Now, on this blank slate
I stand on, it will be interesting to see
what happens.

Tonight, I’m planning to do more to Hallsfoot’s Battle and then it’s the great and totally bizarre “Bonekickers” on TV. Fabulous.

Today’s nice things:

1. Nice comments about Maloney
2. Poetry
3. Hallsfoot
4. TV.

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