Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Of petrol, water-tanks and toilet etiquette

Bearing in mind the Government’s edict not to panic-buy petrol last night, both Lord H and I nipped into the petrol station to fill up our tanks in a calm and measured manner. Well, we do like to obey instructions when given. And at least it means we’ll be able to travel over the weekend – though I’m not sure anybody will actually notice the strike, to be honest. But you can never be too careful, ho ho …

And the noble Lord H has fixed the water-tank problem, hurrah! What a super-hero that man is. So we won’t be annoying our neighbour by dripping on his plants any more. Next mission: the return of the flush on our toilet. Aha, I feel a story title coming on: The Mystery of the Missing Flush. A challenge for Hercule Poirot, perhaps? Mind you, Lord H is being sidetracked slightly by sorting out my stuff on the new Mac and by the thought of buying new binoculars, so watch this space …

Meanwhile, at work, it’s much cooler, thank the Lord. And I’m chuntering on with non-urgent stuff with the satisfaction of knowing I’m fairly up-to-date with it all at the moment. Famous last words, eh. And there’s joy on the diary front – my academic diary has at last turned up, so next year will happen after all. That’s a relief then. I was beginning to think the world might end in July. Also bizarrely the Dean visited the facilities (as it were) in one of the Faculties opposite and opened the door to find a naked man changing out of his cycling gear. At least, that’s his story and he’s sticking to it … My, life on campus is a constant round of excitement. We suggested he complain about standards of behaviour to the Dean, but as he is the Dean that will be tricky. In the meantime, we have all decided to cough loudly before entering any toilet area. Are people too claustrophobic to use the cubicles for changing any more?? It’s not lavatorial etiquette, you know.

After work, I’m girding my loins for the undoubted challenges of popping in to see Gladys tonight. Honestly, she’s so difficult these days that I utterly dread the experience. Though, really, she’s never been exactly easy – it’s just one of those duties I picked up somewhere on my way through life. Funny how that happens to women, but never, I think, to men. Or perhaps I just don’t see it.

I’m also hoping to do some more of that Annyeke/Simon scene from Hallsfoot’s Battle as well as giving time to the penultimate episode of “Springwatch” – on earlier this evening because of the wretched football. Sigh. The blue tits are looking better than expected at the moment, I must say.

Finally, huge good luck to Irene and Jennifer from Goldenford who are off for a few days to sell our books – hopefully! – at the Freiburg Festival in Germany starting today. Our first international tour then …

Today’s nice things:

1. A working water-tank
2. Hallsfoot
3. The Goldenford tour.

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Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

Yep, I was at Asda filling up our tank at 6.45am this morning. Like you, the thought of being grounded for the weekend was just too horrid.

Anne Brooke said...

Great minds think alike, Sue!


Jilly said...

I think we've got half a tank which will do us for the moment - we don't usually fill up until it's below a quarter anyway. I'm glad you got your water tank fixed - always a worry when they drip. The mystery of the Missing Flush sounds like something Miss Marple could usefully investigate. Best of luck to Goldenford.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jilly!