Saturday, June 28, 2008

Maloney done and a musical coronation

Have finished the final edit of Maloney's Law this morning and sent it back to the lovely people at PD Publishing. I only found 5 mistakes, so that's fabulous. And, bloody hell, but certain passages especially later on in the novel still make me cry. And I wrote the bloody thing - not to mention having read it through about a dozen times in the last few months! I'm not sure I'll ever write anything as emotionally strong as that again. It packs a punch for sure. And probably, in essence, says a whole lot more about my family than I'd realised. In its fashion. Now there's something for the reader to chew on ...

Anyway, the very generous and talented Vicki Tyley - whom I met via the Authonomy Beta site - has made an eBook of Thorn in the Flesh for me. It looks good, Vicki - many thanks! I've sent it to the Golden Girls as a sample of what can be done and it's certainly a very interesting thought for the future. I just have to work out how to add in the cover art and publisher details etc. One for Lord H, I think!

This afternoon, we're off to Glyndebourne to see The Coronation of Poppea. I love Monteverdi and it's the first Glyndebourne of our summer season (my, how posh I'm sounding for an Essex Girl ...) so I'm so excited I might actually be sick. We're eating in the Mildmay Restaurant which is our favourite too. Bliss.

And there's a slight shock for Lord H waiting, which I'll have to break to him gently when he comes back with lunch soon - I've realised that when I have to send something from his mailbox it adds in the photo of his good self which the Mac took when we first had it. Whoops! I know he's going to hate that ... I feel that photo - lovely though it obviously is - is not going to be around for too much longer. Sadly. The dangers of new technology are rife, you know.

Today's nice things:

1. Finishing off Maloney and feeling happy with it
2. The eBook of Thorn
3. Glyndebourne.

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Jilly said...

I hope you enjoyed Glyndebourne Anne

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jilly - yes it was good, though I could have done with more passion. As it were! Not as sexy as other productions I've seen there really.