Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Brunch, battles and song

A day in lieu from work today - hurrah! Though it does mean I have to face the mountain of having to go in on a Thursday, cue future groaning. Ah well, there's two whole days to go before then, so let's not cross that bridge, etc etc ... Anyway, I've had a lovely morning, meeting Jane H (hello, Jane!) in Guildford for brunch at the Slug & Lettuce. There was a scary moment however when I was crossing the road to get to the cafe, and a mad woman in full wedding party get-up starting shouting and swearing at me. Perhaps she's read one of my books? A distinct possibility, I feel ... I think my great sin was in crossing the road when she apparently hadn't been able to, even though there was zilch traffic so her way was clear. Guildford is obviously full of mad women in party frocks and hats today - so I huddled next to the S&L until Jane rescued me. Thank you, Jane! Also, thank you to Jane x3 for (a) buying brunch, (b) a great catch-up and (c) giving me my first birthday present, which I opened early. Shame on me indeed. But a wonderful card (too rude to note here, naturally ...) and the Emergency Chocolate rations will come in very handy. Possibly on Thursday!

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, I've been struggling away with Hallsfoot's Battle and have now reached just over 9000 words. Ye gods already. I've stopped it for now though as I'm in the middle of another Snow-Raven section, and Birdspeak takes time. Sigh. I think a short nap - otherwise known as a "snap" - is called for.

Because tonight, we're off to the opera in Woking to see Romeo & Juliet, which according to our Opera Guide is about 3.5 hours long. So I doubt we'll hit the pillow before midnight. But, ah doomed love - always a moneyspinner. It's what I always say: opera is just like TV soap. But with song.

Today's nice things:

1. Brunch with Jane
2. Writing
3. Opera.

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