Saturday, March 01, 2008

Watches, woodpeckers and what shall I do with my hair?

Lord H and I had great fun attempting to change my watch from 30 on the date button to a 1 today. Yes, it is a team effort - Lord H provides the brains and I provide the tea. We were surprised however when the watch started fighting back and giving us the days of the week in Italian. Hmm, it's never done that before. Do you think it's trying to tell me something? I wasn't even aware my watch could speak Italian and I'm very impressed, as I certainly can't. Anyway, we wrestled it to the ground and persuaded it to return to its native tongue, so it's now saying it's Saturday 1st. Hurrah!

Lynda popped in today to do my hair while Lord H went to look vaguely at new cars. I've been thinking about changing my hairstyle (which I've had since the 1870s, I think) for a while now, so I broached the subject tentatively with Lynda. My dears, it was like breaching a dam - she enthused for ten minutes about what she could do if allowed and we've eventually decided to cut the back and sides short (short back and sides, sir? Naturally, my man ...), and let the top grow out so it's less layered. We might even be working towards a bob - who knows? Lucky Bob. Anyway, I think Lynda must have been storing up her creative ideas about my hairstyle for at least five years now and was obviously glad to get them off her chest. She looked much happier when she left - and I have the distinct impression she is now a Woman With a Mission.

For the rest of the day, Lord H (who didn't really find a car he liked the look of) and I have been at Titchfield Haven, admiring all the wonderful birdlife and enjoying the surprising sunshine. We were cunning and took our own sandwiches from the shop as the cafe there is crap. Big time. We even prepared a flask of decaff coffee to keep us warm - but left it in the kitchen. As you do. New birds spotted today: a reed bunting and a Mediterranean Gull. We were also totally humiliated by the very exciting Great Spotted Woodpecker at one of the birdtables which we gazed at for some minutes through our binoculars with awe and wonder before realising it was ... well ... stuffed. Ah well. We always like to maintain our professional birding standards, you know.

Back home, I'm planning some more editing to The Gifting and I've sold two more copies of Thorn in the Flesh. Gosh indeed. Tonight, "The Bourne Supremacy" is on, so it might be nice to sit and let it soak over. I hope we understand it in spite of not having seen the first one, as I think it's Number Two in a series. But I'm a Film Ignoramus, so I really don't have a clue.

Oh and the flash coffee was still warm when we got back - bliss!

Today's nice things:

1. Conquering the watch
2. Being fooled by a woodpecker
3. Selling more Thorns.

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