Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fragility, visiting and socks

Still feeling fragile today, but calmer, thank the Lord. Bearing in mind I’ve had a couple of wobbly sessions recently, I’ve decided to go back on the super-powered Vitamin B pills the doctor gave me and which I stopped taking – yes, foolishly, no doubt – about a month or so ago. Lord H was quick to agree, so the poor chap has obviously been bearing the brunt of my traumas. In noble silence. Again. So I’ve taken one today and we’ll see how I go.

At work, I am keeping my head down, avoiding getting involved with anything remotely resembling a lost professor and typing up my minutes from yesterday. Not to mention feeling my way through the Marketing stuff. Ho hum. We are all much cheered here at the coal-face however by the fact that our postman has bought us each a mini-chocolate Lindor egg for Easter. My favourites. What a star! He obviously either (a) finds us amusing or (b) is relieved to discover that there’s an office which has more crises than his does. Either way we’re grateful and hope to rush out and buy something nice for him later on. Which we managed to do, phew! Ah, it restores your faith in humanity, you know. Not only that but today Ruth found the keys she lost yesterday – so another Easter miracle, hurrah!

And I was quite pleased with myself that I managed to write another 500 words of The Bones of Summer last night and they sort of made sense. I hope. And the section post-mini edit seems sharper too, so that’s a relief. It really did look pretty ropey yesterday, I have to admit. So thank you to those brave Writewords people who are prepared to beat me with twigs until I get it right. Which is a scarily enjoyable image, oo-err, missus. I also think I’m going to change Craig from first person view to third person – it just seems to work better. And gives me something to get my teeth stuck into, which is good.

This lunchtime, I was planning to pop in to visit Gladys in hospital, and take some small Easter gifts for her, including a large-font Bible, a poetry book and some chocolates. All the things she used to like – but of course it’s hard to tell now. However, once at the hospital, I was told she’d been moved to a nursing home in Godalming – I am indeed the forgotten visitor – so I’ll pop in instead on my way home. I hope she likes it there – and at the very least I’m sure it’ll be a better place to die in than the ruddy hospital.

Tonight, I’m planning to go to my last Scottish country dancing session – if I feel up to it, that is. But I’m not pushing it. And it depends how I feel post-Gladys to be honest. And of course, there’s “Torchwood” later on. Aliens – they always make me feel so sane. Ye gods but something has to.

Oh and I have come into work wearing different socks – both shades of black but not the same shade. Sigh. Lordy, if only I knew what a professional veneer actually looked like, eh.

Today’s nice things:

1. Mini-chocolate eggs
2. Odd socks
3. TV.

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Marla D said...

Be gentle to yourself Anne..odd socks are, after all, the epitamy of self-control :) x

Anne Brooke said...

Ooh good - I like that idea, Marla!

Hugs to you!


Lexi said...

Good heavens, Anne, you have high sartorial standards!

I dress to bike (it's got to the point where a skirt makes me feel I'm in drag) and I have many socks, all of which were once black, but have now all headed towards the colour of their choice. Grey, blue and brown.

I have my standards, though. I am not totally lost to decent feeling. I bin them when holes appear.

Anne Brooke said...

Ooh Lexi - I will follow your example and go wild with my sock colours in future! I have to admit to wearing them with holes though ...



Anonymous said...

Hi Anne, hope you feel better soon. Love the title The Bones of Summer and looking forward to getting my hands on Maloney's Law and the new one - I can barely keep up, you prolific madame you!

All the best

JB x

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, JB! I'm getting there - these doctor's pills are marvellous! I rather like the idea of being a prolific madame - makes me sound quite sultry, tee hee!



Sarah Hilary said...

Sorry you're feeling so poorly, Anne. Mini-eggs sound like the cure(!). Take care and I hope you rally over Easter.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Sarah! I think you're right about the mini-egg cure - I'm feeling better already ...

Hugs to you