Saturday, March 08, 2008

Shopping, the final furlong and a night out

Had a lovely time with Jane W last night in London - and Lord H enjoyed his art session too. We even managed to meet up at Waterloo before catching the train home. Bloody hell but it's good when things work out without too much effort or angst. Bloody amazing actually.

This morning, I have psyched myself up for the weekly Godalming shopping experience and got through it by talking to as few people as possible. Hurrah! Managed to get most things on my ever-growing list, but gave myself a break by not bothering with Easter stuff just yet. That can be next week's worry. Hell, it's good to have a hobby and hey worrying is cheap. Mind you, I think I upset the flower sellers in Secretts Garden Centre as I waltzed into their flower shop and asked if they had any flowers which might cheer me up. They looked at me as if I'd spoken in a foreign tongue or had something very peculiar on my head. Maybe both. Ye gods, they're flower sellers! You would have thought this sort of query would turn up daily - after all, what are flowers for? Anyway, they pointed me in the direction of the farm shop where, after much deliberation, I chose three lovely bunches of narcissi - which look lovely and have a fantastic scent. Now if only the flower ladies could have been friendlier about it, eh ...

Anyway, I've finished the read-through of Part Three of The Gifting and am now about to tackle the final furlong of Part Four. So only 100 pages to go then, hurrah! Ooh, and the lovely Margaret Gill, author of exciting young adult books, Secret of the Scrolls and Narwhal, has emailed me to say she thinks Thorn in the Flesh is my best yet and she's intending to do a proper review of it soon. Gosh, thanks, Margaret - much appreciated, especially as I struggled so much with both the story and Kate, my main character, than I now no longer know what it's about at all, let alone whether it's better or worse than anything else!

This afternoon, Lord H and I have tackled the cleaning - although the ironing is still lurking in the basket like an unforgotten sin. Sigh. Hell, I'll leave it till tomorrow. Again ...

Tonight, we're out at the Guildford Choral Society concert at the Cathedral, so I'd better remember to take a thick coat as the seats are crap and I always need something to muffle the pain. Still, the singing is always first-rate, so it'll be great to have a chance to relax and simply listen.

Today's nice things (of which there are four, good grief!):

1. The continuing read-through of Gifting
2. Margaret's comments about Thorn
3. The concert
4. Narcissi.

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