Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Systems, visits and Guildford Writers

Ah it’s like a Monday all over again today – the existential pain of having to go into work, groan … Still it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared (about two calming pills-worth, if you’re asking), mainly because I was running around like the proverbial until late afternoon and hardly had time to breathe, let alone think.

I’ve managed to be incredibly brave and ring some suppliers to get ballpark (hark at my management speak moment – someone take me out and shoot me before I do it again!!) estimates for our online booking system. My, how these people do like to talk. And ouch. It’s slightly more than a trip down the High Street, m’dears, ain’t it … I think we might be parking the ballpark (as it were) and carrying on as we were. Still, at least my learning curve (ho ho) has evened out a bit. These days, I don’t really think I’m able to take on more than one new thing a month or my brain explodes. Heck, who am I kidding? It’s always been like that.

Managed to squeeze in a marketing meeting about flyers and mini-guides, and look almost as if I knew what I was talking about. Possibly. I also seem to have said something intelligent about student induction somewhere along the line. Goodness knows how that happened but people seem to be smiling at me. Mind you, I hope they’re not expecting any more intelligence. At least not any time soon.

Took a late lunch and popped into see Gladys in hospital. She knew vaguely who I might be today (hurrah!) but was in fighting mood, threatening to beat the lady in the bed opposite with her walking stick and doing a heck of a lot of swearing. Sounds like a normal day in the office here in the shires to me. She also insisted that I should give her love to her mother when I left, which I was obliged to promise to do – although my séance skills are distinctly rusty. Ye gods, there are some things that even I cannot perform.

Tonight, it’s Guildford Writers although I have nothing to read out – as I’m still engrossed in kicking The Gifting into touch and have no literary spaces or heart for anything else. I might have to leave early too, as I do need to try to phone a friend tonight (or ask the audience or something), as from now on it appears I have no free evenings until Sunday. Good grief, how the heck did I let that happen?!?

Today’s nice things:

1. Getting the horrible task of talking to suppliers over with
2. Managing to escape the hospital without having to prise apart two fighting old ladies
3. Guildford Writers.

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