Monday, March 17, 2008

Thorn review and multiple meetings

Was thrilled last night to get my second review of Thorn in the Flesh from Margaret Gill, author of young adult novel, Narwhal - as below:

Thorn in the Flesh is a gripping psychological thriller whose central character Kate goes through a whole gamut of emotions from the deeply sensual to the tenderness of true friendship, betrayal, loss, fear, a sense of personality annihilation and nail biting terror. I am constantly amazed by Anne Brooke's ability to understand abnormal levels of perversion. But at the end of this novel one is left not with the feeling of an abnormal caricature but more with a query and urge to understand what strange twist of otherwise normal events could have sown such a tragic seed.”

I’m hugely pleased with that – thank you so much, Margaret! Though naturally “abnormal levels of perversion” are probably pretty normal here in the shires … Or maybe it is just me?

At work, I am caught in a network of complicated meeting arrangements, most of which I am not fully in control of. As ever. The Steering Group appears to have been put back till 1.30pm though we’re still allowed to have lunch, so I’ll be starving by the time I attempt to minute the darn thing. After which I’m supposed to be at another meeting to discuss our new website provider. Which would be fine and no doubt fascinating if I didn’t have homework to do for it before I get there. Darn it. I’m not sure I have the energy for intellectual thought about websites, to be honest, so maybe I shall just have to wing it. Again, as ever.

Tonight, Lord H is at the shops and I’m hoping to edit more of Darshan for Goldenford. Ooh and there’s the second part of “The Fixer” on TV which I thoroughly enjoyed last week, hurrah! I won’t be bothering with Part Two of “The Passion” however. Last night’s episode was clunky, slow and way too pseudo-portentous – and as for that ridiculously clich├ęd music, well, words fail me. An irritant factor of ten, though we both rather liked Annas and Caiaphas. What a great team. I have to say I gained a greater sense of the reality and strength of the Gospel narratives and the sheer fascination of Jesus as a character from last year’s drama-documentary about Jewish culture and history – if I could only remember its name!

And here’s a poem:

Some things

arrive slowly
and not when you expect them

announcing their presence
like ghosts
or shy guests

who aren't quite sure
if they've come
on the right day.

Best to make them welcome,
apologise for the mess,
clear a chair

and see
what they have to say.

Today’s nice things:

1. The Thorn review
2. Editing
3. Poetry.

Anne Brooke
Anne's website
Goldenford Publishers


Robin said...

I was curious how long you have been writing? I love to write but unfortunately don't make enough time for it between work, school, and children.

I remember a while back wanting to go back to school and when I told the advisor I wanted to be a writer he laughed at me and told me to pick something I could make some money at. That so discouraged me I didn't even go back to college at that point....I told him, "I can make money now, I want to do something I LOVE".

Congrats on your success!

Anne Brooke said...

Hi, Robin! I've been writing poetry for about 20 years (since my early 20s) and fiction since the year 2000. I do love the balance the two genres give! And it's true - you never make money from writing (unless you're extremely lucky) - but as you say that's no reason not to do it!

Thanks for the good wishes also